State trooper arrests woman who lied to him

Ah… Some justice in the world…

State trooper so disgusted that woman lied and said she was visiting dying father to get out of speeding ticket that he tracks her down and arrests her.

Read the story and then leave a comment. Love to know everyone else’s thoughts on it. And since it’s been — oh, about forever — since I’ve dropped a post, you can also drop a few lines about how you’ve been, if anything knew has happened, etc. I love hearing from the hard core Stan friends out there, and I apologize for the lack of recent posts. I really do miss hearing your comments and keeping up with your lives.

And since I should practice what I preach, here’s a quick update on me… Danah and I have been dealing with a lot of business stress with our company. I think we’ve about got all of the problems back under control, so hopefully I’ll be blogging — and more importantly, writing — more in the coming days and weeks.

Oh, and Mexican Heat — the second book in the Nick Woods series and the follow up to Sold Out — is now probably 2/3 or so done. Just crossed the 40,000-word mark and would love to have that done in a couple of months. All will just depend on how much stress I end up dealing with in my day job.

Keep the faith,

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

13 thoughts on “State trooper arrests woman who lied to him

  1. You’ve got to wonder how many times that woman has used that excuse. And we all know that you’ve got a lot of balls in the air, so I won’t give you too much junk about not posting much lately. But, when the smoke clears, get back to work on the book! And “Mexican Heat”? Sounds great! The masses await! SF.


    1. I hadn’t thought about the fact that she’s probably used that multiple times, Mike. Great point.

      And, wow. For her to STILL lie once the trooper showed up at her door stop… Man, that woman is serious trouble. I feel for any guy that mistakenly falls for her. I, speaking for myself, CANNOT stand a liar. You lie to me? We’re done. Period.

      And thanks for the kinds words about “Mexican Heat!” I think it’s going to totally rock and I’m doing my best to squeeze in as much action as possible, while also keeping the story insanely tight and fast moving. Semper Fi!


  2. Haha! That’s epic! What a better world this would be if more people were held accountable. By the way Stan…I had a post apocalyptic dream last night where you and a few others were saving bunches of people. I just finished playing “The Last of Us” on the PS3 and then saw you on FB so I’m sure that’s where the dream came from. BTW…one of the best games ever. Anywho, you were a hero in my dream. Does that motivate you enough to get back writing? Or does it make you question my need for medication?


    1. Hah! That’s epic, Angie!!! I’ll be your hero any day of the week, just make sure Brent is there with me so I don’t flirt too much!!! You know, he’s big and all, plus a fellow Marine, so I’d be much more likely to keep it in check.

      But you ARE my one and only groupie, and definitely one of my bestie’s ever!!! Love ya, gf! (And I shared what you said to Danah adn she laughed and said that rocked. Oh, and speaking of writing, you better be makign it happen, too!)


            1. Oh, of course! I’m sorry. It was so long since I wrote that. Anyway, glad to hear you got some time away. Almost nothing beats a good vacation!

              BTW, when does the revised book drop?


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