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Get my short novel “Soldier On” for free

I’m giving away for free my short novel “Soldier On.”

The book is 72 pages long and I think it’s a pretty good story about WWII. And if you’ve ever wondered about how bad it sucks to be in the infantry, you’ll definitely enjoy it.

The book is free all day on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

And if you don’t have a Kindle but would like to read it anyway, you can go to this link and download a free Kindle reader for your computer, laptop, ipad, phone, or other device. (Honestly, the Kindle reading device for your computer is a really sweet program. You might be surprised how much you use it.)

Here’s the book description:

As World War II enters its final stretch, the last elements of the German Army struggle to survive and end the war with honor.

The German soldiers know the war is lost, but have no idea how many days (or weeks) remain before capitulation. The weak and unlucky are gone. Now, only the strong remain, a ragged band of men determined to maintain their prestige and respect. They are the sons of indomitable veterans from the World War I — men filled with too much pride to quit or surrender.

But food resupply is a problem. Ammo, too. And each day, with its increasingly absurd set of orders, begins to test the men in ways they could have never imagined. These days are tough for the men, and tougher for the leaders.

Hemmed in by Nazi SS units, waiting to arrest or shoot retreating troops on one side, and hordes of well-supplied American troops advancing mercilessly on the other, the men pray they must only endure the freezing weather of the last days. And that their supplies won’t run out. And that they won’t lose the honor and dignity they’ve spent years creating.

“Soldier On” is a short novel. [Approximately 72 pages long.]

Keep the faith,

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

P.S. I really appreciate everyone’s support of my books. Sold Out, the Marine Sniper/CIA thriller about Nick Woods, has gone as high as No. 64 in its genre. And Little Man, and the Dixon County War, a Western thriller that moves super fast, has gone as high as No. 57 in its genre.


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The length of time you should carry a sword

I turned 36 this weekend, and my early mid-life crisis — which I thought I had beat down over the past year and a half — returned.

Some friends and I, along with my wife, even went out dancing so that we’d all feel young, but it had the opposite effect. We didn’t know some of the new songs, there sure seemed to be a lot of 21 year olds, and by 11:45 we felt tired and ready to go home. : )

Orange Belt promotion

Here’s a recent photo following my promotion to Orange Belt. Style is Isshin-ryu Karate.

This morning, I read a passage that further pushed down my negative thinking. It comes from the once-secret book titled, Hagakure: The Book of the Samurai — The book was written between 1709 to 1716.

And the passage reads:

“The resolution of the men of former times was deep. Those between the ages of thirteen and sixty went to the front lines. For this reason men of advanced years hid their age.”

So, by that reasoning, I still have 24 more years that I can expect to go to the front and swing a sword. And with that thought in mind, I’m going to go hit the pull up bar in my doorway.

Keep the faith,

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

P.S. I really appreciate everyone’s support of my books. Sold Out, the Marine Sniper/CIA thriller about Nick Woods, has gone as high as No. 64 in its genre. And Little Man, and the Dixon County War, a Western thriller that moves super fast, has gone as high as No. 57 in its genre.


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Trying to keep up with your mentors…

Quick update on tonight’s Isshin-ryu class… (It’s late, so this must be brief…)

The upside to tonight’s sparring? Blocked a punch for the first time. (Normally, I just evade… Or, uh, eat them on purpose!) Not really… : )

The downside? Dislocated my left shoulder. It’s been probably six months or so since it’s gone out like that. Unfortunately, it took me a few seconds to get it back in, so we had to stop the fight. It would have been bad had it been a real fight — normally I can get it right back in.

But, I hid the pain like a champ, jumped right back in, and even sparred a later opponent. And I don’t think anyone even knew I dislocated it, just that I hurt it or tweaked it a bit. Captain Eaton would be proud.

Sigh… Well, maybe not. He was around gunfire the other day. Unarmed. And with his kids. (Not by choice, mind you, but he still got them down and to safety, and once police arrived, had them get back to practicing tennis… No joke.) Dang it… Keeping up with your mentors is an impossible thing to do…

Keep the faith,

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.


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From dung heap to gold… When your book finally crosses that threshold

Last night, it happened. Mexican Heat, the sequel to Sold Out, went from being a project that’s frustrated me to no end, to finally — FINALLY! — starting to really come together.

And it’s an amazing thing as an author when that happens. Your project goes from a months-long exercise of frustration to a priceless piece of art. Almost instantly.

In the case of Mexican Heat, I nailed down about seven or eight of the final plot points for its ending. And in doing so, this massive file of words — that’s made me pull my hair out and consider giving up a hundred times — crossed the threshold.

It went from being a file on Google Docs that I lackadaisically backed up on thumb drives about once  a month to being something that I nervously saved, made copies of, and even emailed to others so that they could save it on their hard drives (and email servers).

It’s really hard to describe this feeling, but essentially in my case, here’s what happened: This Work In Progress (WIP) that I’ve wanted to drop and move on from since about its sixth or seventh chapter transformed last night from a dung heap that I wanted to throw in the trash and never remember to something worth thousands of dollars.

Of course, that’s assuming the book doesn’t suck, but it seems that by this point in my life I should be able to decide about whether something sucks or not. And in my mind, this book (Yes, it’s a book now! Not a WIP!) most certainly doesn’t suck.

I had been frustrated with some of political aspects of the book — it does, after all, involve the Mexican President and their federal government — but last night ended those concerns, big time. The story finally ties together and has some nice twists to it, and even the Mexican President is no longer just a “prop.”

So, now I have a book that reveals much more about Nick Woods’s character and is loaded with the “typical Stan” amount of action, which is to say it’s crammed full. And it has the Stan-style pace, since I can’t stand any other.

Thus, it’s something I’m confident will sell fairly strong and help me and Danah as we continue to try to dig our way out of some early lean years of owning a start up — The Oak Ridge Observer.

Bottom line, I’m super pumped and see the end in sight!

Keep the faith,

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.


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Jon Stewart rips media’s war mongering, desire for drama

The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart is at his best when he’s ripping the media. And below is just a classic example.


(And I apologize for the link. I tried to embed the video four or five times, but couldn’t… WordPress seems to be acting wonky.)

Keep the faith,

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

P.S. You should seriously consider buying this book as it has absolutely changed my life. It’s about $20, but is worth about $10,000, in my opinion.


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