Update on books sales and “Mexican Heat”

Yikes! It’s been too long since I’ve posted…

So, what all has happened since we last talked?

Well, the biggest news is I did an Amazon give away and gave away 4,000+ copies of “Sold Out.” Yeah. Wow!

Wow, indeed.

Needless to say my sales rocketed up after that, but I owe you crazy Stan friends and supporters huge props because if you hadn’t bought and reviewed my books prior to this, then they wouldn’t have been positioned to pull off what just happened. (I also gave away 1,200+ copies of “Little Man, and the Dixon County War” in October, which is no small feat itself.)

In other writing news, I’m getting closer to finishing the sequel to “Sold Out,” called “Mexican Heat.” Oh, yeah… Nick Woods is on the war path again, and this book is starting to feel pretty epic, with tons of action, even plenty of hand-to-hand, and dare I say some romance that’s pretty hot as well?

Oh, yeah. This one is going to be something else. Can’t wait to finish it and I’m so thankful that I’ll be having even more people help me as beta readers, helping me polish and improve it to levels beyond my own capabilities. (Had I not had a couple of Marine Snipers and several beta readers help me with “Sold Out,” it wouldn’t have been nearly as good.) Anyway, I’ll keep you updated on the status of it.

Before I leave, let me say thanks to all the Veterans out there. You guys rock and I appreciate all the hardships you endured to keep us safe.

Keep the faith,

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

P.S. I really appreciate everyone’s support of my books. Sold Out, the Marine Sniper/CIA thriller about Nick Woods, has gone as high as No. 21 in its genre. And Little Man, and the Dixon County War, a Western thriller that moves super fast, has gone as high as No. 34 in its genre.

8 thoughts on “Update on books sales and “Mexican Heat”

  1. Wonderful news on the success of your give-away – great to hear that it lead to a lot more sales too!

    Looking forward to reading “Mexican Heat” when you complete it!


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