200,000 people apply to live on Mars

So, I think these people are crazy… Am I wrong here?

How many of you would do this? Or know people who would?

200,000 people apply to live on Mars. The catch: They won’t ever return to earth.

Keep the faith,

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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10 thoughts on “200,000 people apply to live on Mars

  1. I thought this was so odd when I first heard this too (I still think it’s odd). Especially as they make it sound like they’re just accepting anyone that’s willing to go/pay or maybe I haven’t read the details. Human nature never ceases to amaze.


  2. I’ll settle for reading my SciFi novels.
    Nonetheless, I can understand what might drive these people to sign up for a life on Mars. Look at it this way: Back in the 1700s, how many people would have been willing to leave their comfortable lives in Europe in order to travel for weeks upon weeks in a leaky old wooden boat with the possibility of sinking, pirates, illness, unpalatable food rations, etc only to have to whack a subsistence life out of the wilderness of America, perhaps facing hostile natives?
    Not many, but certainly enough to forge a new nation.
    So be it with Mars.


    1. There’s some truth to that, Nancy, but this is far more extreme, I think. We had been traveling by ships for hundreds of years. Yes, it was dangerous, but not as rare as human space travel. (And if you were lucky enough to live, you could still head back at some point.)

      To me, this is nothing short of insane. Even if you’re lucky enough to get there, what in the world are you going to do? The only reason I could see for wanting to do it would be if you were some kind of visionary who thought it vital we establish a colony there for the good of mankind. And you see it as your calling and you’re willing to give your life for the good of humanity (knowing that if you do so you’ll go down in history and possibility be remembered for centuries).

      Otherwise, I just don’t see it.


    1. It really is, Tim. I have so many questions about it… Like, dumb question, but will it be two women and two men?

      And the next group of passengers (four more) won’t come for two years, so will you be eating MRE-like meals during that time?

      And will they train them how to set up a city so that the VERY limited resources aren’t wasted. (That is, don’t build a structure with what little steel you can get there in a place where it will need to be moved for a road in 15 years.)

      Really, really fascinating stuff. And I guess the impossible starts with dreams and planning, but I’ll be surprised if humans are living there before 2050. Who knows. Maybe I’m wrong.


  3. I would certainly be willing to be a pioneer on the next frontier, but, then again, I’ve always been open to the idea of wild and crazy changes. That’s an opportunity that only comes once in a lifetime…once in SEVERAL lifetimes…

    Alas, I hardly have the money. And my boyfriend is not nearly as adventurous, and the trip wouldn’t be nearly as much fun without him. If I had the opportunity, though, I would love to. Definitely one of those crazies, what can I say? Someone’s got to do it, right?


    1. Wow, L. S. Engler!

      You’re either braver or crazier than me!!! : )

      I don’t know… Just knowing I could never come back, and I imagine there’d be VERY little you could do there for years and years, and a VERY good chance you might get abandoned there and never resupplied.

      Even for this Marine, that seems pretty nuts for something that doesn’t have to happen.

      BUT, if we knew earth would be destroyed in like 20 years and it had to be done, my answer my be different. Maybe.


      1. My vote’s on crazier. 🙂

        But, really, if anything, I could always write. Probably all I could do is write, and, for me, writing is the most important thing there is. Writing about something as epic as this would be too good of a chance to pass up, especially if those writings one day made it into the annals of history. It might be a lofty expectation, but to be the person to provide the primary source on the Mars pioneers? Incredible…

        Not to mention, the idea of having nothing to do BUT write is pretty much my idea of bliss…


        1. Okay, stop… You’re starting to win me over… I could handle a life of writing…

          Plus, as long as there’s gravity there, which I assume there is, then I could practice my Shaolin Kung Fu,live the life of a monk, and escape all this absurdly stupid, first-world stress.


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