What to do when you’re stuck at the airport… (Or just plain unhappy.)

About thirty minutes ago, I got a text from a friend who’s stuck at an airport, with family she doesn’t want to be with, on a trip she didn’t want to take. (You know how that goes.)

She’s on layover because of the storms, and while she has books, she can’t read them because of all her family talking. (And of course her family is saying all manner of stupid things that is upsetting her, and frustrating her, to no end.)

So, my heart went out to her and in typical Stan fashion, I wanted to help. I confirmed she could get to her email, so I fired off this email to her, which she said actually helped.

In the off chance that it might help others, I’ll post it below…

———- Forwarded message ———-

From: Stan Mitchell <XXXXXX@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, Jan 5, 2014 at 12:47 PM
Subject: Re: Layover
To: Xxxxxx <xxxxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com>


So, I’m wondering if we can get that Zen-like, living-in-the-moment feeling to take place in the worst situation ever. (The one you’re in on a layover, and with the people you’re with…)

So, here’s the challenge. First, take a super deep breath, hold it for a sec, and then blow it out nice and slow. And as you exhale the air out, try to smile and say, “My life is only this moment. There is no tomorrow, there is no next week.”

Then take another super deep breath, hold it for a sec, and then blow it out nice and slow. And this time think to yourself, “I am beautiful, and God loves me.”

Repeat both of these several times and then when you’re relaxed, look around for something beautiful. Maybe it’s some architecture. Maybe it’s an ad on a billboard on the wall. Maybe it’s your Dad, in all his shortcomings. 

Be aware of what’s around you, look for the kid smiling and laughing. Kids know best how to live. 

Try to live in the moment and pretend you only have five minutes to live. If you only had five minutes, what would you do? Maybe email a friend you haven’t talked to in a while? Maybe thank a mentor for being the best person ever. Maybe go up and talk to that guy standing alone, who looks as unhappy as you are. 

Anyway, I think if you try this, there’s a chance your time stuck there will be less painful. 

Stan R. Mitchell
Author of Sold OutSoldier On, and Little Man, and the Dixon County War
Web site: http://stanrmitchell.com
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7 thoughts on “What to do when you’re stuck at the airport… (Or just plain unhappy.)

    1. And that’s why you’re a much better writer than me.

      You summed up my blog post in two words…

      I’m still just trying to wrap my arms around that, especially as a former journalist who takes pride in brevity!


  1. Great article! Really gave you something to think about! Are you sure you need to limit your writing to novels only? Love, Mom


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