I’m going to do my best to remember Sam Berns…

This Sam Berns story nearly brought tears to my eyes:

We won it for Sam! Patriots fans dedicate play-off victory to brave teen, 17, who died of rare aging disease a day before he was due to be team’s honorary captain. (Make sure you watch the video at the bottom of the story. It’s short and so unforgettable.)

And the statement by team owner Robert Kraft, who donated $500,000 to the foundation started by his parents in search of a cure, is a must read, as well:

Robert Kraft: “I loved Sam Berns and am richer for having known him. He was a special young man whose inspirational story and positive outlook on life touched my heart. I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to spend time with him and to get to know his incredible family. Together, they positively impacted the lives of people around the world in their quest to find a cure for Progeria. The HBO documentary ‘Life According to Sam’ shared his incredible story with a national audience. It was so beautifully done. It made you laugh. It also made you cry. Today, it’s the latter for all who knew Sam or learned of his story through that documentary. Earlier this week, I had extended an invitation for Sam to be the Patriots’ honorary captain for tonight’s playoff game. I was looking forward to spending more time with Sam and his family. News of his passing came as a complete surprise. It is another reminder that we can’t take anything for granted. Be sure to give your loved ones hugs and kisses and tell them how much you love them. My heart aches for his parents, Scott and Leslie, his aunt Audrey and the rest of Sam’s extended family. Words cannot express the sadness or the depth of sympathy I feel for them today.”

I think we can all learn a lot from Sam Berns, and his attitude toward life. And his Mother’s words about how we all take time for granted are spot on.

Today, I will hold my wife a little longer, write a little more, and take more time than normal to count my blessings, all in honor of Sam Berns.

Keep the faith,

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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