This looks more fun than a roller coaster…

This video made my day.

One question though… Would you ride it?

Keep the faith,

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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7 thoughts on “This looks more fun than a roller coaster…

    1. I hear ya there!

      I was really curious to know the speed, as well. You know on one hand I want to say like 60 or more, but then I think back to how when you’re in a boat, 30 or 40 feels like 60, so given his small platform, I wonder if maybe it’s only 30 or 40 but feels 60…

      What would you guess?


  1. Reminds me somewhat of a much lesser mountain in Slovenia, maybe 20 years ago. I think it was outside Llyubliana, maybe Maribor. On the way up, I leaned over the edge of the gondola and scared the poop out of the other three passengers. Not satisfied with that, I then tried rocking the gondola. I was (and probably still am) a wretched pain in the neck.

    As far as that ride, at this point, I’ll cast my ballot with Tom Johnson and stay in my rocking chair.


  2. Nancy, I think that was you with me on the Ferris Wheel way back when. You were rocking the basket as we were stopped right at the top. Yeah, thought I’d forget, huh? hahaha


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