Worst driver ever?

I had to share this…

Keep an eye on the scooter at the upper right when the video starts.

And after the video, make sure you read some of the comments I nabbed off YouTube. They may be even funnier, if that’s possible…

Hilarious comments of note!

Barbara Williams: “What I love is that he starts off with a passenger — who decides that he/she has had enough after the FIRST crash and doesn’t get back on!”

New Knave: “When the guy does disappear down the hole, no one goes to see if the poor chap is okay, one or two actually run away!”

Oriana Nichelle: “Give it enough time, Stupid fixes itself.”

Can anyone come up with a funnier comment? Or a hilarious caption? (Hat tip to Raj Jain for sharing this on facebook!) 

Keep the faith,

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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Comments are always welcome!

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