My Valentine’s Day recap… And a three-season Kung Fu DVD set?!?!

Danah date pic

I had a good Valentine’s Day.

Got to take this hot lady at left out to dinner, and I did my best to spoil her the past few days.

Since the past year was so brutal — fighting to save the company, only to come up short — I decided Danah deserved more than just an Valentine’s Day spoiling.

So, three days ago, I surprised her with a gift, and it was the first of three days worth of surprises — all involving jewelry, which according to her I did well on. (Have to give some credit to both her, and the lady at the jewelry store, of course! Danah learned years ago that I’m both dense and dumb, so months ago she hinted that if I needed something simple as some future gift, there were a couple of sets of ear rings she had that needed replacement due to loss or damage.)

I think she expected one set of ear rings, so I surprised her with both sets on two different days, and then found an awesome necklace and matching set of ear rings to give her today. (You can see them above, sort of!)

The jeweler I bought them from is a business friend, so he knocked the price down (too much), but it sure made my day to spoil her like I did. She certainly deserves it.

And I was thinking I had done pretty well until I saw my gift.

Danah blew me away by buying the three-set DVD collection of the original Kung Fu television series, with David Carradine. Yes, Kwai Chang Caine, aka Grasshopper. Not bad, those who got it. (Now, imagine his voice: “Your knowledge, young disciple, is remarkable, and not like the leaves, that blow across the ground, but like a tree, firmly rooted, deep, unto the ground.” Okay, that sucked, but I love the quotes in these episodes!)

Oddly, I had tried to find some episodes of this on YouTube a few months ago, and she had no idea how much I used to enjoy watching them. She told me it was just a hunch and shot in the dark, but it had kung fu in it and she did lots of research on it and saw it had great ratings, so yay, Danah!  (I actually didn’t even know these DVDs were for sale, or I’d have rectified this situation years ago…)

Anyway, we’re both on Cloud 9 after the awesome gifts and an amazing dinner with too much steak and potato, which the restaurant absolutely nailed.

And since I’m putting Danah’s pics all over the internet, I figure I should do likewise.

So, here’s me with the three-set DVD series.

Stan with Kung Fu DVDs

Here’s me pretending to be a Shaolin warrior…

image_2 crouching

And here’s Maggie, screwing up my attempts to pull off an amazing shot that might go viral and earn me literally millions. She jogged up, nearly knocked me down, and then looked up at me as if she had done nothing wrong. Dogs… How could you not love a face like that?

image_2 crouching with dog

I think she’s saying, “Put me in the picture, Daddy, and you’ll sell a dozen books tonight.”

Or, maybe she’s saying, “You’re ignoring me” or “I need to go out,” but would you really want to chance that? So, don’t let the dog down, help me replenish the depleted bank account, and tell me about your Valentine’s Day in the comments!

Keep the faith,

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

P.S. If you enjoy fast-paced books, you just might like my works. “Sold Out” tracks the life of a legendary Marine Sniper after a CIA unit decides to kill him for reasons of national security. “Little Man, and the Dixon County War” tells the uphill fight a young deputy faces after surviving three years of war only to find himself in the sights of a mighty cattle baron. And “Soldier On,” a short novel, follows the lives of several German soldiers in a depleted infantry company trying to make it through the final, miserable months of World War II.

6 thoughts on “My Valentine’s Day recap… And a three-season Kung Fu DVD set?!?!

  1. Hey Stan, nice surprises for both you and Danah. I never know what to buy my wife, so it’s a new Cadillac every year. If she complains I just tell her to buy her own. I’m not a romantic (Sigh). I bought the first two seasons of Kung Fu. The DVDs are well worth the price. I watched the series when it first came out. But didn’t care much for the later seasons, so only wanted the first two seasons. So let me know if season three is better than what I remember. One of the things I liked best about the series was the visiting actors. Some really great actors were on the show. And the scenery was outstanding. A lot of preparation went into the making of Kung Fu.


    1. Hey Tom!

      Thanks for the compliment. (I have to work on trying to be a romantic, but I think I do better than I used to do.)

      And, I’ll definitely let you know about those later episodes, as to if they’re any good or not. Thanks!


  2. Just fiished “Sold Out” and “Little Man.” Your writing isn’t bad at all. Better than Child’s anyway. Congratulations.


    1. Wow, 1st Sgt.

      That may be the greatest compliment I’ve ever gotten (and I’ve been lucky enough to trick some people into giving me some decent ones)!

      Anyway, I’d sure love it if you posted that comment on Amazon as a review. Those reviews are worth their weight in gold!

      And thanks a million for buying the books. I’m honored to have someone of your prestige and history to have bought and enjoyed them!



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