This is Kyle, and he’s about to restore your faith in humanity

Just a reminder of how important showing kindness can be.

You won’t believe this story.

This is Kyle, and he’s about to restore your faith in humanity.

Keep the faith,

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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8 thoughts on “This is Kyle, and he’s about to restore your faith in humanity

    1. Wow, Bruce. That’s definitely a powerful video, and it IS so true. I once crossed paths with a former felon, and long story short, I showed him some kindness, and even let him borrow quite a bit of money.

      If you had seen the tears in that man’s eyes and heard him say that in his 50 years, he had never had anyone trust him or treat him like that, then you would spend the rest of your life helping others. That experience helped change me and for a long time, I was pretty sure I’d never get the money back. But somehow, he dug deep and I know he fought some demons involving drugs and alcohol, but he still paid it back.

      Now, I try to be friendly with him every chance I can, without allowing some of the negative influences he still struggles with to spread into my life. It’s always a balancing act, helping others who are drowning, without getting pulled down yourself. Anyway, my hastily typed comment probably isn’t making much sense, but it’s late and I don’t have time to polish it. At any rate, really appreciate the comment and the link to that video. It was really well done and moving.


      1. Frist, your making perfect sense. Two, never give money if you want it back.
        three, people who hang out with positive people like yourself will change
        their negative lives.


    1. So true, Letizia. And thank you for the comment! You have a wonderful week, as well. We haven’t chatted in a while, and I’m super buried right now, but I’ll try to catch you with you soon! (After all, right now, you are by far my favorite gf in New York. Of course, you’re my only gf in NY, but still!)


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