30 hilarious struggles only cat owners will understand

Danah and I have three cats, and this post soooo hit home.

If you own cats, or even a cat, it’s a must see!

30 hilarious struggles only cat owners will understand.

Hat tip to the always awesome April Snellings.

Keep the faith,

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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13 thoughts on “30 hilarious struggles only cat owners will understand

  1. They missed a couple of classics: that a cat can readily identify any person in the room who’s allergic to cats and insist on sitting on their lap, and the sound of an electric can opener drives all cats insane.


  2. Thanks, Stan,
    It all rings so true. When a kitten, my cat Junot routinely curled up in my underpants when I was pooping; never got the video.
    “A cat is a dog with autism”– not my Siamese.


      1. I am both a cat and dog person, although I didn’t get my first dog till I was 47! I didn’t grow up with either since we lived in apartments where pets weren’t allowed. We had turtles from the five and dime! We have two dogs (lab mixes) and three cats (black, gray, and orange) right now. I hope you and Danah are having a lovely weekend.


        1. Wow! Turtles?! Never owned one of them.

          And I was raised a dog person, and still am a dog person (with one), but have slowly but surely had cats wear off on me.

          And labs are lovely dogs. I’m a beagle man, myself. (I’ve had four of them and once you have a beagle, you don’t want anything else!)

          Danah and I are having a great weekend. Making tons of progress on Mexican Heat and I can’t wait to get that thing finished (on the editing) and released. I really think it could go big…


          1. Oh, I should have asked. Have you picked up your book any lately? I know you went through a rough spell there for a while, so I’m hoping things have smoothed out and gotten better, and that you’re fighting again with your novel… : )


          2. I hope it does go big! You deserve it.
            They weren’t impressive turtles like in a tank, they were just the little dime store ones in a plastic bowl with a plastic palm tree. My sister and I would do turtle races on our beds.
            I like beagles too, they have wonderful personalities.


            1. Oh, thank you. I think you’ll really like this one. Has a decent amount of politics in it!

              I did have a friend who had a couple of turtles, but they got like really big. (Huge mistake on his part getting them. At one point, he had like a 30 or 50 gallon tank, and I think they outgrew that, as well. And, my, did they stink…)

              And beagles do have wonderful personalities!


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