Ten lessons about life and staying motivated from a U.S. Navy Seal

Good evening, members of Mitchell’s Militia!!!

(Hey, don’t blame me on the name! I told Danah we needed a name for all the awesome supporters and friends that I had and she threw that one out after thinking on it a bit. If you’ve got a better one, post it below. But until there’s a better one, we’re going with Mitchell’s Militia!)

Anyway, two quick things on this stormy Thursday night here in Oak Ridge.

First, Sold Out landed an awesome review today, which totally made my day. Here’s the review:

“Just finished another action packed book by Stan R. Mitchell. I loved it but my wife hated it, said I paid more attention to the book than I did to her. Stan has a knack for grabbing the reader’s interest from the very first paragraph and feeding it with every succeeding paragraph. The author obviously does his homework before putting pen to paper; his descriptions of the training, duties, chain of command, armament, and the special mental make up of the men and woman of the military, federal, state, and municipal law enforcement agencies are dead on. I spent over 23 years in the U. S. Coast Guard, primarily as a personnel and administrative officer and was known for my ability to draft clearly written communications concerning complex subjects in a clear, concise manner. Stan does the same in his writing and his characters and story lines come alive without the use of extraneous verbiage.” — Bill RaVell

Thanks, Bill, for the review, and if you haven’t bought Sold Out,” now’s a great time. It’s sequel “Mexican Heat” will be out in a bit more than a month, so there’s time to read it and be ready for Book 2. (And if you have read “Sold Out” and enjoyed it, please consider dropping a review and telling others about it. Believe me, the reviews are worth their weight in gold and they help tremendously!)

Second, I wanted to share this amazing video with you all.

It’s a commencement speech by a Navy Seal/Admiral, and it has tons of motivation, tons of wisdom, and describes how Navy Seal training relates to life and trying to change the world. It’s truly an inspiring and moving speech, and the ten lessons he covers are priceless, so make sure you save it to watch some other time if you can’t get to it now.

My suggestion: Start it while you clean and organize a bit in the room you’re currently in. (Oh, you think I can’t see that stack of books, those piles of papers, and the dust on those shelves? Get to it, bootcamper, before you end up doing push ups until you pass out.)

And with that, I’ll leave you with the video:

(Hat tip, CPL Beddoe)

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

P.S. If you enjoy fast-paced books, you just might like my works. “Sold Out” tracks the life of a legendary Marine Sniper after a CIA unit decides to kill him for reasons of national security. “Little Man, and the Dixon County War” tells the uphill fight a young deputy faces after surviving three years of war only to find himself in the sights of a mighty cattle baron. And “Soldier On,” a short novel, follows the lives of several German soldiers in a depleted infantry company trying to make it through the final, miserable months of World War II.

4 thoughts on “Ten lessons about life and staying motivated from a U.S. Navy Seal

  1. Another nice review, Stan. And a great commencement speech from the admiral. “Mitchell’s Militia”, huh? Hey, that’s much better than what I came up with: “Mitchell’s Old Fogies” just wouldn’t work, except for old guys like me (LOL).


  2. I’m good with the militia idea, as long as we get to wear a beret. Do you have a design and color in mind?
    The admiral’s speech should be played at every high school commencement in the country.


    1. Excellent, David! Glad you’re on board!

      And no idea on berets or colors involved! lol (I’m assuming some of teh Marines might be opposed to berets, but I guess since it’s a militia we can be a little looser on dress uniformity across the ranks!)


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