Marine Corps named most prestigious branch of service in America

So, distinguished members of Mitchell’s Militia…

It appears the Marine Corps has once again earned a noteworthy ranking…

No, this time, the Marine Corps was not ranked the worst branch to join… (See: Marine Corps ranked worst service branch to join, and I love it.)

Rather, it was named the most prestigious.

Seriously, make sure you check out this story. It’s really interesting, especially how the Navy is perceived. And this isn’t some recent survey that just started a few years ago. Instead, it’s been going since the 1940s.

Let me know your thoughts below, and have a great night! (Hat tip, Old Gyrene.)

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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6 thoughts on “Marine Corps named most prestigious branch of service in America

  1. I should have said this up above, but please no trashing of any service. I respect all who have served, regardless of branch or MOS.

    And as fellow Marine Michael LoGiudice said in an earlier post, only 1/10 of 1 percent of the population actually even serves. So, show some respect, please, but DO share why you think the public perceives some of these things — assuming you can do so without insulting the other branches.


  2. I can’t say enough for those who serve, regardless of military branch. There used to be an old saying, “War is hell, but combat is a #######.” I think we all remember the saying. However, I remember one rocket attack that hit Bien Hoa AB in 1970. One rocket took at their Mess Hall (during meal time), killing cooks and non-combat personal. So I want to thank every man and woman who served, not only our brave combat marines, soldiers, sailors, and airmen, but everyone in uniform. When they put on the uniform, they go where sent, without question. God Bless you guys.


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