I will no longer feel guilty for my Diet Coke addiction

I came across some new information recently that makes me feel a little better about my addiction to Diet Coke…

I found this research as part of my never-ending search on the safety of drinking it, since I’ll probably never be strong enough to drop the stuff — see Diet Coke, Guilt, and the Taliban for a hilarious discussion on my (and other’s) thoughts on the matter.

It turns out that the European Food Safety Authority is now saying that “A 150-pound woman could drink twenty 12-ounce cans of diet soda a day without exceeding the safety threshold for the artificial sweetener.”

Story here: We’ve Got Good News for Diet Soda Drinkers.

Honestly, I trust the European Food Safety Authority more than I trust our own FDA. And, as the article points out, the safety of aspartame has also been OK’d by the the American Heart Association, the American Diabetes Association, and the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

I also spent some time today re-reading what the Mayo Clinic says about aspartame, as well as what the the Beverage Institute for Health & Wellness proclaims — yes, I know who all is involved in that organization…

At any rate, after probably two years of fretting about my Diet Coke addiction, I’ve decided I’m going to stop feeling so guilty or searching for an alternative. I have read probably 50 websites that go on and on about how dangerous it is for you, and I’m certainly not arguing that it’s good for you, but I’m no longer going to buy into the fears.

Just a couple hundred years ago, you could literally starve to death in this country. And I’m thinking back then, you probably didn’t fret if you lacked a balanced diet and had to eat potatoes every day.

And probably back then, you didn’t worry if your water had been purified a half-dozen times.

I’m not saying to be an ignorant oaf in this day and age, but I am saying that we’ve allowed anxiety and fear to completely dominate our lives. And I’m officially done with it. (At least until the next absurd facebook post comes up talking about how you can use coke to scrub off rust or something stupid… Nah, I’m done with that, too. Especially after reading this article…)

Keep the faith,

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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5 thoughts on “I will no longer feel guilty for my Diet Coke addiction

  1. I agree, drink your diet Coke and live it up. I also think it’s time we stopped shrieking at the thought of GMO products and tearing our hair out over gluten products.


  2. It’s good, it’s bad. It’s good, it’s bad. It’s a never ending battle. I say, have what you enjoy, do what you enjoy, don’t worry about something killing you, because eventually, you will die anyways. Live it up!


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