A small reminder about our elected officials

Earlier today, I noticed on my Twitter feed the following post by CNN reporter Jake Tapper:


So, I see this tweet of his, and I immediately think, “Wonder what these blowhards think about the situation?”

Given that I didn’t recognize either of the names, I clicked to see their Twitter profiles.

What I saw stunned me.

Go ahead and do so. I’ll wait.

Click: https://twitter.com/TulsiGabbard. Read her bio on the left, under the picture.

And now click: https://twitter.com/RepKinzinger. Same thing: Read his bio.

Pretty amazing, huh?

Two veterans of the Iraq war, who completely don’t fit my profile of a member of Congress. (A surfer? An Air National Guard pilot?)

And seeing these two atypical members gives me great hope. I don’t know their voting backgrounds. I don’t know their beliefs. But it’s nice to see that we have a couple of war veterans who appear real and down to earth. COMPLETELY, so. (Go ahead, read some of their tweets. Glance at the pics they’ve posted.)

This entire exercise reminds me that we need to balance out our negative thoughts of Congress. I know we’re all totally inundated 24/7 with talk about what losers and dirtbags we have serving. And this is usually followed by some horrendous portrayal of a few extreme members of the right or left.

And this view, reinforced day in and day out, can cause us all to grow concerned. Or angry. Or uncaring, because it all seems so impossible to fix.

But I try to hold to the idea that America has always found young leaders (or old leaders pulled out of retirement) who have stepped up and helped our country in its darkest days.

Seeing these two profiles, I’m reminded that our future crop of leaders is out there. (Or maybe it’s time a tried and true one returned to the fray.)

And this feeling of hope is a good feeling to have.

That’s my positive thought for the day. Dismiss it if you choose.

Keep the faith,

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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4 thoughts on “A small reminder about our elected officials

  1. Stan, I think I’ve just fallen in love with Ms. Gabbard! Thanks for the links to their twitters.

    Agree with everything you said above. All politics is local, so act locally and think global. I myself, to try to enact that creed, have since refused to vote for Presidents and Senators, opting instead to vote only in Congress and everything else is state, county and my town.

    As an extension of the above sentiment, I’ve also foregone outside products (or at least try my best to only buy local items). I’m a city kid, but some of my closest buddies from the Marines were from Appalachia, the Rockies and Alaska. They make fun of me now for growing my own chickens and rabbits (I don’t have much of a green thumb, so I barter with other urban homesteaders). I’ve also become an avid duck hunter and fish the local aqueduct nearby.

    Thanks for that post, I’ll try to catch Jake Tapper’s reruns of Ms. Gabbard and Kinzinger. Speaking of Tapper, have you read his book “the Outpost”, a big fan of the guy, and try to catch him on CNN whenever possible.


    1. Hey, I may have fallen in love with her, too!

      And yeah, I’ve read the book, though really it might be more accurate to say I’ve “experienced it.” (See below.)

      That book came closer to making me cry than any other. Especially the scene where they’re driving that over-sized truck back, with an officer driving it, and then it rolling down the hill. Those pages describing their rescue efforts, and the setback after setback that they encounter — wow, it was just almost too much. And then the big attack that happens…

      Wow… So, yeah, I’ve read it, if you can call it that…



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