Single-tasking Is the New Multitasking

Oh, my, was this video made for me… (Hat tip @johngerzema)

So, my fellow members of Mitchell’s Militia… Who’s going to admit they have a similar problem? And what’s your best example? (I was going to name a great example myself, but can’t think of a perfect one off the top of my head. There are sooo many. For example, I just counted and I currently have 13 tabs open right now, so I definitely have a problem…)

Keep the faith,

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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2 thoughts on “Single-tasking Is the New Multitasking

  1. My problem is simply spending too much time on the internet, trying to deep-six all the nuggets sent to me, from What to eat for Breakfast, to What to Read, to whether or not a test will tell if I have a closed mind.
    Let’s just say I have a closed mind, eat donuts for breakfast and read Mad comic books. nyah nyah


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