LeBron James: I’m coming back to Cleveland

I’m not much of a basketball fan, but I’m enough of a casual observer to have been seriously disappointed when LeBron left Cleveland.

And I’ve been pulling against him and Miami ever since (like much of the rest of America).

I’ve got to say, though, he earned my respect with his decision, and most certainly with the comments below about why he left and why he decided to return.

LeBron James: I’m coming back to Cleveland.

What say-eth you guys?

Keep the faith,

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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4 thoughts on “LeBron James: I’m coming back to Cleveland

  1. Stan,
    I too was impressed with his statement to SI. As a very young man he had to deal with pressures that most of us couldn’t begin to understand.
    Going back home again – and his focus on family – is a real man-up kind of thing.
    I wish him nothing but the best.


    1. Well said, OG. I was once harping off all the reasons I didn’t like him and my friend, who’s one of his biggest fans, pretty much knocked them all down.

      Even “the decision,” which he did on TV, raised a ton of money for a nonprofit, my friend said. I didn’t know that, and really, LeBron hasn’t really tripped up and done anything nearly as stupid as one might expect.


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