Some wisdom about arguing politics, with some great humor, as well

I see some nasty political arguments, and facebook has made such arguments all the more easy.

I’ve seen two totally reasonable people, both of whom I know well, unfriend each other and do everything but curse each other out.

With this nasty divide that’s spreading in our country, I thought I’d share some wise words from author Len Levinson:

I just read a line in a history book, and the line made me think of Facebook. The line was:

“But when you’re in the midst of hot argument, you don’t always present the other side fairly.”

This plays out constantly in Facebook. I’d estimate at least half or two-thirds of posts are political. People misrepresent opposing views so as to better shoot them down. Even I, the very soul of fairness and decency, sometimes get tempted into playing this dishonest game.

Evidently many people feel threatened by dissent, and become desperate to defend certain points of view, or attack other points of view. In their desperation, they believe that anything goes, including cheap shots, vituperation, character assassination, ridicule, omission or distortion of pertinent facts, etc.

We can’t have a better world unless the dialogue is elevated. Instead, the dialogue shows every sign of sinking deeper into the muck. I have no solution. I’m just trying to be a voice for moderation in this increasing immoderate world.

If these words helped you any, maybe consider sharing them with a friend or family member. I continue to worry about how divided we are as a country, and how completely unable we are to even discuss things with someone that we disagree with. (And Congress is even worse.)

Remember the words of Gandhi: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

(Note: Being a Marine, it’s nice to have a back up plan. So, if the words of wisdom don’t work, share this video. It should have them laughing so hard they’re crying, and then peace will be restored. The political argument forgotten.)

(Note No. 2: If the laughing doesn’t work, just try some of the moves. It’s for the good of our country, after all. George Washington said he’d approve.)

Keep the faith,

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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6 thoughts on “Some wisdom about arguing politics, with some great humor, as well

  1. Stan, you won’t get any arguments from me. One of the wisdoms of Old Age is that you’re not going to change anyone’s opinion.


    1. Now, now, Nancy! You can’t give up on at least partly changing a person’s opinion. I’m tempted at times, as well, but I’ve seen a person’s position change enough to know we can never give up thinking we can make a difference!

      Hope you and Brandt are doing well!


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