“Mexican Heat (Nick Woods, No. 2)” has arrived…

Finally, it has arrived!

Mexican Heat (Nick Woods, No. 2)” is live and up for sale on Amazon! (This is the follow-up/sequel to “Sold Out.”)

So, buy it, tell your friends about it, share it on facebook, and go yell at that neighbor across the street. Tell him, too!

Book Description:

Nick Woods is tired of waiting. America’s greatest sniper has spent the better part of two years up in the mountains of Montana, waiting for the government to double-cross him and try to come get him.

Cover_Mexican Heat - SmallHe has good reason to be wary. The government has betrayed him twice already, but Nick’s a hard man to kill.

And just waiting in isolation, with his wife Anne gone, and his paranoia at dangerous levels, is killing him, day-by-day.

And so Nick ventures out. Carefully, like Nick does everything.

But what Nick doesn’t know is that the Mexican government stands on the verge of complete collapse.

A brilliant madman has united the drug cartels into a deadly alliance, and the Mexican President holds a perilous grip on power.

Now, Mexico’s leading businessman — a multi-billionaire who owns much of the country — is about to exit the country, selling off his businesses and taking his capital out of the country.

Such a move would lead to an exodus of other businesses and just like that, America would face one of its largest catastrophes in recent times: a third world country on its borders, run by a drug cartel whose reach spans from South America into deep within the United States.

America has already sent special forces to deal with this cartel, but that proved a catastrophe.

The country needs Nick Woods again, and it needs him now.

Hope you guys enjoy this book half as much as I enjoyed writing it!!!

Keep the faith,

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

About me: My name is Stan R. Mitchell and I’m an action fiction author with books similar to Vince Flynn, Stephen Hunter, and Tom Clancy. I’m also a prior infantry Marine with Combat Action Ribbon, and a guy who spent 10+ years in the news business, working as a reporter, editor, and publisher. Please consider subscribing to my blog or taking a look at some of my books.

10 thoughts on ““Mexican Heat (Nick Woods, No. 2)” has arrived…

  1. Stan, I’ve been looking forward to Mexican Heat and now it’s out, but I really want a print edition. When will that be available? Nancy


    1. I don’t truthfully know, Nancy.

      My job ends Sept. 30 — the funding grant ceases — so I’ll be all-out on job hunting and working on some on-the-side consulting work in the short term.

      I’ll try to get the paper edition out before too long.



    1. Letizia,

      Thank you. And thanks for all the promotion on Twitter… Wow. Don’t even know what to say. Am humbled beyond measure…

      I hope you enjoy the book, and you’re in a little trouble because I never even knew you had read “Sold Out!”


      1. You think I’d be blogging friends with someone and not read their book – shame! 🙂 But also shame on me for not telling you I read ‘Sold Out’. Sorry about that, I was sure I had. I read so much and between that and well, life, I sometime forget to do things. Namely, thank authors for writing good books!

        Hope you had a good Labor Day weekend and enjoy this week.


        1. Honestly, I just assumed it was a book you wouldn’t be interested in! lol

          Your literary tastes are more defined than mine! : )

          I’m just stoked a big shot professor such as you apparently enjoyed it and bought its follow up!!!

          (And there the whole time I thought it was just my charm you were coming around here for…)


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