How wolves change rivers

I watched this as a total skeptic, but it seems pretty convincing. And very inspiring.

Maybe our entire ecosystem is far more thought out and balanced than we ever thought.

Keep the faith,

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

About me: I’m an action fiction author with books similar to Vince Flynn, Stephen Hunter, and Tom Clancy. I’m also a prior infantry Marine with Combat Action Ribbon, and a guy who spent 10+ years in the newspaper business. Please consider subscribing to my blog — I mostly post about things that either motivate you, inspire you, or make you laugh.

6 thoughts on “How wolves change rivers

  1. I saw this a few months ago for the first time and found it so fascinating. An amazing reminder that we are all connected.

    Have a wonderful holiday season, Stan!


    1. You, too, Letizia!

      And I know we don’t talk as much as we did, but thank you for being there for me the past year and a half or so. You’ve helped pull me through some dark times with your kindness, wisdom, and friendship. More than you’ll probably ever know.


    1. Pretty hard to dispute that, Bruce. : ) And thanks so much for the comment!

      I hope you have as merry a Christmas, as possible. I know you’ve been through a lot of hell the past couple of years, but your spirit is strong, and you’ve got the grit that only a Marine of your caliber — and who’s been through the war that you’ve been through — can have.

      Keep the faith, Brother, and try to keep your eyes open for all the magic and beauty that happens every single day on this earth. The world needs your leadership, example, and light.

      Semper Fi,


  2. Wow, I haven’t seen this yet! So cool, Stan. Though my cats were totally freaked out by the wolf sounds at the beginning. 🙂

    Amazing how nature can heal itself. Something for us humans to remember, right?


    1. Britt, you say the deepest shit of anyone I’ve ever met. It’s so obvious that your search for knowledge, and the way you make time to get away to meditate and think, continues to bear huge dividends.

      It really never ceases to amaze me. I spend all this time reading ancient texts from China just bursting with deep truths, and yet here exists a living, breathing example of everything I’m looking for, in my very own country, who’s also young, vibrant, and beautiful.

      All very hard for me to wrap my arms around.

      But nonetheless, you are on my list of people I want to actually meet someday. : )

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