If you liked “American Sniper,” you’ll LOVE…

Hey guys!

Sorry for the interruption, but I just wanted to let you know that “Sold Out” just made a list of five indie books similar to the movie/book “American Sniper!

Check out the post here! If you Liked “American Sniper”, You’ll LOVE…

It made my day to see this, and with luck, “Sold Out” will continue to get more attention in the weeks and months ahead.

I say this because somehow the book has stayed in the Top 20 on Amazon in the political thriller genre for the past three months. And, I say “somehow” because I’ve run no ads, seen no other posts about it, and had no email alerts on my name and book title.

So, the book has been selling like crazy based on word of mouth alone, best I can tell. It’s been selling so well that I’ve become really nervous about upcoming increased attention from magazines and reviewers, and thus have decided to have it re-edited. Again. (I’m halfway done with this and should have it done by the end of February.)

One final quick note. Based upon this explosion in sales of “Sold Out,” and its follow-up Mexican Heat (Nick Woods, No. 2),” I’ll be sharing some pretty big news with you guys in the next few days.

Until then, go check out the article above! And if you’ve read the book and enjoyed it, consider dropping them a comment that thanks them for mentioning it, and tells all those who see the article that “Sold Out” is worth a read.


Keep the faith,

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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18 thoughts on “If you liked “American Sniper,” you’ll LOVE…

  1. Stan – “Big MO” doesn’t only apply to the battleship. Momentum is a wonderful thing.
    I think some good Karma has got your back and helping your hard work pay off.
    I read “Sniper’s Honor” while waiting for “Sold Out” to finally arrive, and now I’m reading “Time to Hunt” while waiting for “Mexican Heat”.
    I’m enjoying your books every bit as much as that other guy.
    FYI – I donate books I like to the local library in hopes that others will find a new author they like. If nothing else, it will get that great cover more visibility to a lot of people, and they might grab it a quick look.
    Enjoy your ‘overnight’ success – it only took how many years to get here?


    1. Wow, OG! Those are huge compliments!!!

      And donating the books makes my day! I’ve discovered MANY authors in a library and then gone on to buy quite a few of their books!


  2. Y’know, Stan, when I saw the rushes for American Sniper, my first thought was “someone has been reading Stan’s book!!”


  3. Stan – check this out. You like to be accurate and true-to-form, and this review knocks the heck out of (mostly) Clint Eastwood, about character development and plot line, which is shredded between Eastwood’s movie and the original book.
    Act Four: The mediocrity of ‘American Sniper’
    Sent By:
    The Washington Post On:Jan 01/21/15 12:01 PM


    1. That “review” reads as nothing more than the typical drooling spit-flecked ranting of left-wingnut morons who have simply gone berserk at the notion that Americans like their heroes to be real.
      I should think the simple fact that Chris Kyle’s family consider the movie to have been well done and accurate puts this vitriol-laden trash in perspective.
      The biggest weekend opening for any movie released in Jan/Feb and the Lefties can’t stand the success.
      The Global War On Terror is every bit as real – and profound – as WWI and II, but back then the good guys (that would be us) were celebrated for being successful.
      Now we’re vilified for doing what has to be done.
      How any sentient being can know about the mindless savagery of the islamo-facists and still write this kind of tripe would be astounding – except that they’ve been singing the same song for fifty years.
      The Post and the Times have both missed the boat completely (although they haven’t quit trying), but that’s to be expected from both of those rags.


  4. That’s really exciting to hear about your sales! I haven’t seen the movie yet (didn’t read your review as am waiting to see the movie first, no spoilers).


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