You can’t win them all…

My latest reviewer slammed “Sold Out” and gave it one star. And I have the honor of being the first book the person has never finished. (Now THAT’S an accomplishment!!!)

Get knocked down seven times, get up eight. : )

And in all seriousness, a review like this two or three years ago would have killed me. Absolutely crushed and devastated me.

I’m so glad so many of you have complimented my works and given me the kind of confidence that allows me to just smile at such a review.

(DO NOT COMMENT or vote down this review, please! In my opinion, the reader is always right, and he actually wrote the review in a witty way — attacking the fact that I write super-short paragraphs! BTW, that’s something I’ll never change, but it’s not for everybody. Kudos to him for taking the time to leave a review, and bringing some heat on it! Love it!)

And seriously, it’s nothing, guys. At least in this point in my career. I’m not looking for sympathy or anything. Matter of fact, I had four reviews today and this was the only negative one. (The three others were on “Mexican Heat.”)

I guess we all have to remember that you won’t make it anywhere in life without getting punched in the face a few times.

And as I love to remind myself, “The only thing worse than being talked about is NOT being talked about.”

Hope everyone is having a great weekend and thanks again for all that you all have done for me. You motivate the shit out of me and I hope I never let you down.

Oh, and I’m 1/3 of the way through the next Nick Woods book!!! Hope to have it done in about three months. (As a reminder, Nick Woods and the men of Shield, Safeguard, and Shelter are in Afghanistan in this book, taking down the leader of a terror movement that threatens to destabilize the entire country. Nick is being Nick. I’m cramming in a ton of action — in short chapters and graphs! And there might even be another woman.)

Keep the faith,

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

About me: I’m a full-time, action-fiction author with books similar to Vince Flynn, Stephen Hunter, and Tom Clancy. I’m also a prior infantry Marine with Combat Action Ribbon, and a guy who spent 10+ years writing every day in the newspaper business. Please consider subscribing for email alerts — I mostly post about things that either motivate you, inspire you, or make you laugh.

11 thoughts on “You can’t win them all…

  1. What a bleeping moron!
    Glad you’re choosing to ignore this putz, and you’re in great company…he gave David Baldacci a ‘2 star’ rating.


  2. Hey Bro, haters gonna hate, or something like that. Didn’t you ever bust your a$$ getting ready for a personnel inspection or a junk on the bunk, only to have some boot Lieutenant or Staff Sergeant rag you? Same concept, the reviewer was having a bad day, or just doesn’t know what they’re talking about. And considering the format of the review, probably has a hard time tying their shoelaces. Keep doing what you’re doing, it works. Now get off of here and get back to work! SF.

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    1. Oh, man, inspections…. Now that’s something I hadn’t thought of in a long time! lol

      I also love how you could do a training op perfectly and they’d just tear everyone up, saying how bad you were. But in the final training op before deployment, it didn’t matter how bad you messed it up, all you’d hear was, “You guys looked great. You’re ready. You’re going to f’ ’em up.” lol

      And it made sense psychologically. I just always found it hilarious.

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  3. Funny that I just wrote about mine yesterday, then popped over here. It’s a one star epidemic! 😉

    Just kidding. I agree that the reviewer was witty with their delivery, but you have the right spirit to truck on. You can’t win them all, and you certainly can’t with anything creative.

    When I was a kid, I used to dance in these terrible dance competitions all the time. A few judges decided our fate based off of different opinions masquerading as legitimate metrics. Lots of tears happened during that era, but it was a good way to learn a little poise.

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    1. Oh my!!! “Terrible dance competitions…”

      I just learned something else really cool about you. : ) Thanks for sharing that!

      And I’ll bet they really did help teach poise, which is not a bad thing to know.

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