Afghan Storm now available in print

Hey guys,

A few of you were waiting on the paperback edition of “Afghan Storm,” and it’s finally available. We apologize for the delay, but we suffered several unexpected issues.

At any rate, it’s now available for purchase here. (UPDATE: Some have emailed me with problems with the link at left. For those having problems, here’s a different link that seems to be working. And I’ve emailed Amazon about the issue.)

Thanks! And feel free to spread the word! : )

Keep the faith,

Stan R. Mitchell

About meStan R. Mitchell writes some of the most action-packed, fast-moving gunfighter novels around. Tired of slow-paced, investigative novels that take 300 pages to excite you? Look no further! Stan is the best-selling author of 5 novels in 3 different time periods. He’s also a prior infantry Marine with Combat Action Ribbon, and a former journalist who spent ten years in the newspaper business, learning how to hook the reader, cut out the filler, and just tell the story. In short, Stan is knowledgeable, he’s fast, and his books will blow you away. Don’t forget to subscribe for email alerts to keep up with his latest works.

28 thoughts on “Afghan Storm now available in print

  1. Great way to wake up in the morning! Thanks for the head’s up.
    It will be here Monday.
    Heading your way now to punch some holes in paper with my new pea-shooter.
    Going to be a fine day.


  2. Great to hear it’s finally out, but Amazon still lists it only available in kindle edition. Hopefully it will be there soon!


    1. Hey Steve,

      Been having a couple issues with it that I’ve emailed Amazon about, and which they’re working to correct. See if this link will work for you.




      1. Stan,
        I had some problems tracking it down yesterday, but blamed it on my early morning/insufficient coffee thing.
        Today the search function works fine for both “Stan Mitchell” or “Afghan Storm”. It was so easy that I was tempted to order another.
        Does Amazon have any kind of automated notice function you can enable for purchasers of your prior books? Seems as though that is a simple way for reaching out to existing fans.


        1. They actually came up with the “follow” idea, which should give out alerts. Look at the left side of this page under my picture:

          And I say “should” because none of the authors I’m following have released any books yet, so I’m not sure what happens once they drop one. A simple email, I presume?

          Amazon also usually sends out an email from time-to-time with recommended books, but I haven’t seen Afghan Storm make that list yet. I expect that to happen any time though. : )


          1. I did the ‘follow’ thing under your mug quite a while back, but there was no notice for either the Kindle or print versions of ‘Storm’.
            You probably thought you would only have to write great books, but the constant management of the irritants must be a part of the big picture.
            Seems to me Amazon is giving up some easy sales by not sending out the notices.
            On the plus side – just checked with the USPS and the package left Lexington, KY about 0130 today – I’ll be reading it tomorrow.


            1. “You probably thought you would only have to write great books, but the constant management of the irritants must be a part of the big picture.”

              Agreed. Keeping an eye on those things is a pretty big part of the picture. Can’t wait to hear what you think of the book!


              1. USPS comes through again.
                Book arrived a few minutes ago and will get right on it!
                Starting 2-day road trip tomorrow, but will post up as soon as I’m done.


    1. Thanks, EF!!! So great to hear from you! (And I really appreciate that long email you sent! Oh, wait… Nevermind!)

      Yes, you are doomed. I will never NOT let you be my friend. Now send me an update at some point or I swear I’m driving out there…


      1. I would love for you and Danah to drive out here!
        I’ve been thinking about how I do good characters and dialogue, but am very weak on plot and action. I love to write people sitting around (in lovely settings) talking. Perhaps I should have been a French filmmaker… And then I thought about how you do these great plots and lots of action. I think it reflects that I’m not much of a doer (or as Trump would say “low energy”), while you are clearly a man of action! Not sure how to fix this.
        I’ve been wondering if you have an opinion of Seymour Hersh’s theory about the death of bin Laden. To me, it’s a more common sense and coherent account than the official version.
        I am thrilled at your success. I know how incredibly hard you’ve worked, and it’s wonderful to see it pay off. Sometimes nice guys finish first.
        If you really promise to never NOT let me be your friend, I’m not doomed, I’m blessed.


  3. Stan,
    Some really nice reviews up on Amazon, but seems there should be a few more.
    I see a lot of familiar names up there, but not some of the regulars here and at your other blogs.
    BTW – working on a reply to your email, but just got back from using my new favorite hole-puncher. Fun stuff.


    1. Agreed about the reviews, and I’m not sure how to rectify it. I’m pretty terrible about asking for help sometimes. Stupid southern pride thing, I suppose.

      And I’ll be looking for that email. And super glad you got some shooting in today!



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