Sold Out and Mexican Heat now available as audio books!

Hey guys!

Hope everyone is doing well. I wanted to pass along that my audio books are now available on

For those who don’t need the sales pitch, here are the links:

They are narrated by Jay Snyder, who has narrated numerous James Patterson books besides having quite a career in, well, everywhere. He’s an actor/director who’s appeared on Broadway, Off-Broadway, in regional theatre, and on television, and has been doing voice-over for over ten years.

He has voiced for feature films and has been heard on Nickelodeon, WB, Cartoon Network, Fox TV, the SciFi Channel, EWam, and the new CW4Kids. His bio says he’s best known for his work on Saturday morning cartoons like Yu-Gi-Oh! (lead), Viva Pinata (lead), Sonic X, and Pokemon, but he has also worked on many other animations and can currently be heard in Gogoriki, Pat and Stan, and Chaotic. His other voice-over work includes several audiobooks, documentaries, promos, and commercials.

I’ve listened to his voice on a couple of the James Patterson books and it’s pretty incredible. I’m super pumped he was selected to narrate Sold Out and Mexican Heat, and again more than honored that Audible saw fit to publish the Nick Woods series.

Nick Woods just went to a whole new level, and I’d tell him, but he’s off hunting bad guys and wouldn’t care anyway.

Keep the faith,

Stan R. Mitchell

About meStan R. Mitchell writes some of the most action-packed, fast-moving gunfighter novels around. Tired of slow-paced, investigative novels that take 50 pages to excite you? Look no further! Stan is the best-selling author of 5 novels in 3 different time periods. He’s also a prior infantry Marine with Combat Action Ribbon, and a former journalist who spent ten years in the newspaper business, learning how to hook the reader, cut out the filler, and just tell the story. In short, Stan is knowledgeable, he’s fast, and his books will blow you away. Don’t forget to subscribe for email alerts to keep up with his latest works.

20 thoughts on “Sold Out and Mexican Heat now available as audio books!

  1. “Nick Woods just went to a whole new level, and I’d tell him, but he’s off hunting bad guys and wouldn’t care anyway.”

    A great quote for one of the few (and the damn few).
    I love having audio books to keep me company on my road trips. Will get one soonest.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hah! Glad you like the quote. Some will see it as hokie, but to me, Nick Woods is a living, breathing human being. And I enjoy spending time with him. And often, I wish I were more like him. : )


  2. Dear Stan

    Currently I’m reading your book Mexican Heat and let me tell you that you have too many inaccuracies. First of all Mexico has a 6 year term for the president and there’s no re-election. You mention hardwood floors and wood construction of the farm house, hardwood, and wood construction in general, is very expensive in Mexico and most houses are made of brick and concrete and the floors are either dirt or concrete. Private donations to elections, or political parties, is forbidden by law (if you consider how much money from taxes goes into this, and is stolen by the people in power, you’ll be able to see that Mexico is a very rich country but it gets plundered every time a new group of people gets into power), and a log list of etceteras. It’s an entertaining, and I don’t think you want more than that, book but I think you should have done a little more research before writing about this subject. I believe that the drug cartels have a huge presence in Mexican politics, and that crime because of this is a very big problem; but the problem I’m having with your books is not the theme of the book, but the absence of proper research.



    1. Hey, Frederick!

      Thanks so much for giving the book a shot and then taking the time to track me down and drop a comment.

      You’re absolutely right about what you say. You’ll see if you manage to finish the book that I had discuss the huge presidential mistake in the Author’s Note at the end.

      I learned just weeks before my publishing deadline that Mexican presidents can’t actually seek re-election. Unfortunately, a pretty good chunk of the book’s premise were the many political challenges President Rivera faced, and how the people had re-elected him with the sole mission of taking down the cartels.

      Remove the need to get re-elected, and you cut down significantly much of the tension that he faces. And as an author, one of your key tasks is ramping up and increasing the tension.

      Thus, after much deliberation and consideration on how to fix the book, I opted to leave it as it stood. Unfortunately, I just saw no easy way to correct the book and make it more accurate.

      Certainly, there are probably more inaccuracies, but the cities and towns named all exist. As does Neza-Chalco-Itza.

      Thanks again for giving it a shot, tracking me down, and providing some great feedback! Really hope you’re able to get through it!

      Sincerely yours,


  3. It must have been so fascinating for you to hear your words read aloud by someone else the first time. Well done, again, Stan, on the latest book but also the audiobooks!


    1. Thanks, Letizia!! And thanks for re-tweeting the news!

      (And honestly I haven’t listened to them yet. I’m always a little horrified to read my stuff. Vince Flynn also famously said he never re-read his stuff once the editing was done. I think it’s that you think the book is pretty good once you’er finished, but years down the road — in the cold objective view — you’re horrified with all the things you should have fixed or changed, which you never even noticed. And then that really gets in your head and affects your confidence.)

      BTW, private message me when you get a chance with an update on how your writing is going!


      1. I always hear of actors who don’t like to watch themselves on screen so you must be experiencing a similar emotion!
        My writing project has unfortunately been put on hold as I’m teaching too many classes this semester and working on writing projects for work. But things should quiet down in January so I look forward to connecting with it again. Maybe the time away will give me fresh insight, who knows? Thanks for asking about it!

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        1. Wait. You’re overbook/worked in today’s mdoern Western society?! lol

          And hold onto those dreams. (Oh, don’t forget that there’s nothing that keeps you from outlining it a bit or putting a line or two down on scrap paper until then!)


  4. Loving the books, fantastic writing and great score with Jay Snyder. Will the third book be an audiobook as well?


    1. Hey Tim!

      Thanks for the kind words! And, yes, sir! Afghan Storm will be published as an audiobook, as well. : )

      It’s my understanding it’s in production now, but I haven’t been given a date on it yet.

      Thanks again for tracking me down. Hope you continue to enjoy the books!

      Sincerely yours,


      1. Thats great news! Any other of your books going to be audiobooks? Audible has made me lazy, I drive a lot so it really helps pass the time.


        1. I hope so, but it probably will take a while. I’m working on a second book for the “Little Man” series, but until it’s done and that series’s sales go as high as the Nick Woods series, it’s not viable.

          But I’m an optimist (BIG TIME!), and I’m planning a LOT of books in that series, same as with the Nick Woods series, so hopefully in time.

          Keep spreading the word, brother, and drop a review on Amazon or Audible if you get a sec. Those things will help increase the chances of making it happen. I should be hearing before too long how the audio sales are going. (I can’t track those on a daily basis like I can my Kindle and print sales.)

          Thanks again for all the support!


    1. That’s beautiful, Bruce! Thanks for sharing it. (And I still remember reading stories about how the “War of the Worlds” broadcast sent a lot of people into a panic, at first!)


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