‘Afghan Storm’ makes must read list for 2015 at The REAL Book Spy

I was pumped to see “Afghan Storm” made the list of must-read books for 2015 at The REAL Book Spy! (Link here.)

It’s really stunning to see my name alongside a list that includes names such as Tom Clancy, Vince Flynn, Nelson DeMille, Brad Meltzer, Daniel Silva, Brad Taylor, Ben Coes, and several other big-time names! (In fact, I am one of the few on the list who isn’t a New York Times Best-Selling author.)

Thanks, as always, for all of your all’s support. Especially the core group of you all who I jokingly refer to as Mitchell’s Militia. Your encouragement and help has been tremendous!

Hope everyone has a great Christmas! (And if you’re chasing your own dream, try to carve a couple minutes out during your time off in the coming days!)

Keep the faith,

Stan R. Mitchell

About meStan R. Mitchell writes some of the most action-packed, fast-moving gunfighter novels around. Tired of slow-paced, investigative novels that take 50 pages to excite you? Look no further! Stan is the best-selling author of 5 novels in 3 different time periods. He’s also a prior infantry Marine with Combat Action Ribbon, and a former journalist who spent ten years in the newspaper business, learning how to hook the reader, cut out the filler, and just tell the story. In short, Stan is knowledgeable, he’s fast, and his books will blow you away. Don’t forget to subscribe for email alerts to keep up with his latest works.

14 thoughts on “‘Afghan Storm’ makes must read list for 2015 at The REAL Book Spy

  1. Stan –
    Great news of course, and one huge fact is a bit startling: With ‘only’ three books, you’re on a list of the top writers with 4-5-6 (or more) times as many already published.
    Kicking ass and taking names brother – keep it up.
    Semper Fi,


  2. Glad the new book is doing so well!! Now it’s time to start the next one. Hope you and yours have a great Christmas Stan.


  3. Stan, Congratulations on making this impressive list! Meant to send u a note earlier. Just goes to prove that I know a great writer when I recognize one! Lol. Always recommend you to my book friends as you have received additional fans from me talking about your exciting novels. After this, you and I will be known as the “go to author” and reading friend. ;).

    Thank you so much for sharing your world of imagination. You have provided this reader with much reading enjoyment. I’m always eager to begin a new story with your name on it.

    Wishing you a blessed and very MERRY CHRISTMAS with continued success in 2016.

    Catch you on the next page,my friend……

    Patty Forbes


    1. Wow, Patty!!! Thank you so much for the incredible comment and for pushing my wares so hard!!! 🙂

      (One admin note, I took off your email so you didn’t have all kind of spam bots finding you. If you meant for it to be there — maybe you want others to be able to contact you or something? — then just let me know and I’ll put it back on there.)

      Again, thanks so much for all the love! (Both in the comment and in spreading the word for so long!!)


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