When your doorbell rings…

Hey guys!

Had to share this. It struck me as funny and true, and brought up all kinds of nostalgia.

Hope you enjoy…

Keep the faith,

Stan R. Mitchell

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4 responses to “When your doorbell rings…

  1. Nancy England

    Stan, this vaguely reminds me to when I donated (in the name of Music Arts) to your fledgling newspaper, and you and your former wife showed up at my door, dressed as spiffy as could be. My first thought was “Oh lord, more of those religious types to try to convert me to Whatever.” But you introduced yourselves, explained that I was the first person to connect with your paper, and I was delighted to meet you. And I marched along with all the various disguises you took over the years. Still do!

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  2. Like the “guest towels” in the bathroom. You better not use those!

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