Third book of the Detective Danny Acuff series releases!

Hey guys,

I’ve finally got the third installment of the Detective Danny Acuff serial done!

Here’s the link to Book 3.

And if you haven’t started the series, here’s the link to Book 1.

Some have been hesitant to start the series because the books end on a cliffhanger, and I completely understand that. But I wanted to share that with the completion of Book 3, you now have what would have been an entire novel as I originally planned it.

As I told one friend, by the end of Book 3, the major crimes are solved, the complete story is told, and there’s just the hint of a set up for what would have been the next novel.

So far, the serials seem to be selling well! So, if they continue in this fashion, I’ll again break up what would have been the second novel into three, short serial episodes — released several weeks apart.

It seems the majority of you are enjoying getting these in serial fashion, as quickly as I can put them out. And even though the cliff hanger endings can be frustrating, I’m hoping you agree that it beats waiting three to five months for me to write the entire book! : )

Thank you each and every one for the emails and questions asking when Book 3 would FINALLY be done! Lol! It has made my day and given me great encouragement knowing so many of you are enjoying Detective Danny Acuff’s life as much as I am.

Now, let me get out of your way so you can find out what happened to Danny after he acted so foolishly at the end of Book 2!

Again, here’s the link to Book 3.

And if you haven’t started the series, here’s the link to Book 1.

Keep the faith,

Stan R. Mitchell

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