Two of my books are free today on Amazon

Hey guys!

JSold Out_Coverust wanted to let you know that for today (and today only) both “Sold Out” and the first full novel of the Detective Danny Acuff series are available on Amazon for free. (At least the Kindle versions are.)

I’m pretty sure most of you getting this email have already read “Sold Out,” but I don’t think everyone on my email list has tried out the Detective Danny Acuff series yet.  So, if you’re a fan of detective shows on TV or in books you’ve read, I think you’ll really dig this new series.

And it’s free, so what do you have to lose?! lolDetective Danny Acuff 1-3

Here’s the book description to it:

Detective Danny Acuff’s marriage is on life support. And, he’s been forced to take a boring job as a small-town detective in a dumpy, sleepy, little town — it’s his final, desperate attempt to save his marriage.

Danny figures his life can’t get much worse. Danny couldn’t be more wrong.

Turns out this small town in Akin, Tennessee, isn’t so sleepy after all. Danny is about to get two tough cases thrown on him, and catch the scent of a much larger — and more dangerous — criminal conspiracy that hasn’t been solved in years.

Already, one detective has died attempting to clean up this town. Will Danny be the next?

Oh, and here’s some extra credit for my awesome supporters! If you’ve enjoyed “Sold Out,” then will you consider sharing this page on your facebook and introducing Nick Woods to some of your friends? No pressure, obviously, but thanks a million to those who do! It’s much appreciated!

Keep the faith,

Stan R. Mitchell

P.S. Get a free eBook!!!

Get a free electronic copy of my book, “Soldier On,” when you sign up today for our mailing list. And do not expect to be spammed or drowned with regular emails. The list will ONLY be used to notify you of when we release a new book, as well as for rare, HUGE updates. Get your free copy of “Soldier On” bysigning up for the list here!

3 thoughts on “Two of my books are free today on Amazon

  1. Looked at your works today. Well done ! I have a couple of topics I would like to write about, but usually end up worn out by other activities. Regards —

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the kind words, BW!! And that happens to me, as well, but keep pushing if it’s something you really want to pursue! It’s always hardest in the beginning, before you have any real momentum. Semper.


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