Two quick updates and one pretty cool video on future warfare challenges

Hey, guys!

Hope everyone is doing well! I have two quick announcements and one pretty cool thing to share.

nigerianterror_coverFirst, the paperback version of Nigerian Terror is now live and available for purchase. Sorry that it took a tad longer than expected, but I think you’ll agree it was worth the delay. It looks fantastic.

Second, Danny Acuff 6 will be published in just a couple of days or so! I’m getting the last edits done on it and I think you guys will love it. (Small preview: the Danny and Forrest showdown may finally take place!)

Finally, I thought I’d share this Marine Corps video, which gives a hint of what’s to come in the future.

The video is fascinating because it covers things I’d never considered, such as:

  • While newer weapon systems are deadlier, they are much heavier and more challenging to transport to the battlefield. They’re also less fuel efficient. Like, way less fuel efficient (because of the weight of their armor), which means you have to be able to transport more fuel in a combat zone.
  • The requirement for 3D printing on the battlefield, as well as the use of drones to move supplies and wounded Marines.
  • Implementation of exo-skeletons on the legs and other parts of the body, which will help men and women carry more weight.
  • And finally, robots and solar panels on packs. Plus a couple of other cool things.

The video is about four mins long, but I think you’ll enjoy it if you get a moment to watch it.

That’s it from here! And I’ll let you know the very minute Danny Acuff 6 is live and available for purchase. : )

Keep the faith,

Stan R. Mitchell


Stan R. Mitchell, author and prior Marine, is best known for his Nick Woods Marine Sniper series, which has remained in the Top 100 on Amazon for more than three years. The series has also been picked up by for a multi-book audio deal. Additional works include a Western thriller, detective series, and World War II story.

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