Give some hope. Change the world.

I saw the original version of this speech when it first happened. Even the original, longer version of this speech is amazing.

But someone has taken the speech, condensed it down, and added music and images.

And wow. This shorter, improved video is probably 100x more powerful.

It did a lot to help me push a little harder today, and I’m betting it could do the same for you!

Keep dreaming. Keep fighting.

Stan R. Mitchell


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Chasing that dream…

Hugh Howey dropped an incredible blogpost about writing and becoming an author.

I just had to share it, and best of all is that it applies to more than just writing. Whatever hobby or dream you’re chasing, this post will probably fire you up and get you mentally where you need to be to actually achieve your goals.

So, give it a read if you get a couple of seconds. Here’s the link again:

Semper Fidelis,

Stan R. Mitchell


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