Chasing that dream…

Hugh Howey dropped an incredible blogpost about writing and becoming an author.

I just had to share it, and best of all is that it applies to more than just writing. Whatever hobby or dream you’re chasing, this post will probably fire you up and get you mentally where you need to be to actually achieve your goals.

So, give it a read if you get a couple of seconds. Here’s the link again:

Semper Fidelis,

Stan R. Mitchell


Stan R. Mitchell, author and prior Marine, is best known for his Nick Woods Marine Sniper series, which has remained in the Top 100 on Amazon for more than three years. The series has also been picked up by for a multi-book audio deal. Additional works include a Western thrillerdetective series, and World War II story. Learn more at


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2 responses to “Chasing that dream…

  1. Great share Stan. Thank you sir.


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