What were your all’s thoughts on the Super Bowl?

I’d love to hear your all’s thoughts on the Super Bowl!

I know I’m weird, but I’m a pretty big Tom Brady fan, so I’m sad he didn’t win another ring. (But I know this is probably the least popular opinion in the world, so please don’t shoot me.)

Hats off to the Eagles. They played a GREAT game, and they definitely earned it. Any big Eagles fans following the blog? Would love to hear your thoughts about tonight and your team’s season! (I honestly didn’t really keep up with them much this year, so I’m not really aware of their ups and downs other than the quarterback situation.)

Also, what was your all’s favorite Super Bowl commercial? I felt like they weren’t as good this year. I mean, no Clydesdales this year?!?!

I think this was probably my favorite commercial:

It was followed closely by this one:

What were your all’s? (You should be able to post it in your comment by finding it on YouTube, hitting the “share” button, and copying and pasting in the link that comes up. That way others can see it!)

Bottom line, even though the Patriots lost, I will go to bed knowing that tonight’s loss probably fed Brady’s desire to play for even longer than he was already intending to!

Keep the faith,

Stan R. Mitchell


Stan R. Mitchell, author and prior Marine, is best known for his Nick Woods Marine Sniper series, which remained in the Top 100 on Amazon for more than three years. The series was also picked up by Audible.com for a multi-book audio deal. Additional works include a Western thrillerdetective series, and World War II story. Learn more at http://stanrmitchell.com.
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14 thoughts on “What were your all’s thoughts on the Super Bowl?

  1. It was just a great game, which is what we fans always want in the Super Bowl. I am very happy the Eagles won even though they are not “my” team.
    I totally agree with your choice for best commercial. I was amused by the AI colleagues laughing at the dude with expensive cell coverage. Overall, I thought the commercials were boring, except for the Mannings, they were both fun.

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    1. Oh, I forgot about the AI commercials!! That one was pretty good, too.

      Glad you agree about the commercials. Maybe my memory is hazing, but it seems after most Super Bowls, I’m trying to pick between like eight or ten really great commercials. That are either moving or funny. That just didn’t even come close to happening this year.

      Thanks for the comment, Barbara!


  2. Stan, Well, for one thing, credit the Eagles’ offensive line. Foles had way too much time, and they converted just about every third down– not to mention the fourth down touchdown, a great call when you are playing a scoring team like the Patriots. Best, Peter, a Boston area Patriots fan

    On Sun, Feb 4, 2018 at 11:23 PM, Stan R. Mitchell — Action fiction writer wrote:

    > Stan R. Mitchell posted: “I’d love to hear your all’s thoughts on the > Super Bowl! I know I’m weird, but I’m a pretty big Tom Brady fan, so I’m > sad he didn’t win another ring. (But I know this is probably the least > popular opinion in the world, so please don’t shoot me.) Hats” >

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    1. Yep. That’s so well said. I told my wife Danah as the fourth quarter reached the halfway mark that even if the Patriots lost, the Eagles deserved to win with the aggressive play calling and outstanding game they’d played, which was basically perfect minus the once-in-a-million interception.

      Thanks for the comment, Peter!


  3. I am one of the few? that will no longer support pro football or their sponsors. I don’t miss it one bit and I spend more time with my wonderful wife of 49 years.

    Flame away

    Terry W
    Sgt of Marines
    Disabled Viet Nam Veteran

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    1. Hey Terry!

      Thanks so much for your comment! Are you no longer watching because of the kneeling during the anthem? Or something else?


      Semper Fi,

      P.S. Thanks a million for your service. I have nothing but the HIGHEST respect for those who served during Vietnam.


  4. I’m a Patriots fan, but I have to say, Brady did not look up to par – whereas Foles sure was. I think we just might have done better if we had not given Blout and Garappolo away. Kraft shouldn’t have believed he could put all his eggs in the Brady basket.

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    1. Great point, as well! Even with Brady’s incredible numbers, he missed quite a few balls that he wouldn’t normally of missed. I can think of about five pretty key ones right off the top of my head. (Though I don’t personally fault him for missing that catch. That was just too high and off the mark for a not-so-nimble quarterback still coming off a serious hand injury.)

      Great hearing from you, GP!

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  5. How can you pick the commercial starring Peyton Manning’s younger brother Eli and be a Brady Fan? ?
    My fav commercial was the Toyota.
    I am not an Eagle fan, following only teams that have former UT players, e.g. aforementioned Peyton. I only watched SB LII because of rookie DE Barnett from UT. Had to wait until the end to see him recover the fumble and ice the victory.

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    1. Yeah, that was a great play by Barnett!! If anyone had to make that play on Brady, it might as well have been him.

      And I’ve warmed up to Eli quite a bit. I wasn’t a fan of his for a long time. His refusal to play for team that drafted him (the Chargers) always rubbed me the wrong way. A particularly petulant thing to do, in my opinion, and the fact that it was his Dad who convinced him to do it only further lowered him in my estimation.


  6. Stan,

    I have watched the past twenty-two Super Bowls with a passing interest. I don’t really care for the commercials or the half-time show. I like to pay more attention to my friends that I invite to the house or to the wings that are on my plate. Seriously, does anything beat chicken wings done right?

    Over the last 22 years, I have slowly lost my passion for professional football. I do like certain players and I still don’t like certain teams. But since I am a Dallas follower (I lost fan status a couple years ago), can I really appreciate anything other than 8-8? 22 years since they were last in a Super Bowl doesn’t help fanship.

    I like the players on the Eagles but I hold habits die hard and I can’t force myself to pull for them. I don’t really care for the Patriots but I do like Brady because he has passed Montana as the GOAT. Again old habits die hard and I refuse to acknowledge that Montana did anything good other than throw a 5 yard slant to Jerry Rice.

    Love the article. Keep up the good work.


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    1. Hey Rob!

      Great to hear from you! I must admit my football watching has fallen off quite a bit as well. And it has nothing to do with the kneeling or politics of it all.

      I think for me, it’s the injuries — both the ones we see and the ones we now know will eventually show up down the road. There was a Patriots game earlier this year where Brady was getting almost no protection from his offensive line. And I just couldn’t bear to watch the entire game. To me, it seemed inevitable that he was either going to get injured in one of his legs or take another concussion.

      And I literally just changed the channel.

      I guess I’m getting soft.

      Thanks again for the comment and kind words!!



  7. The SB was the only NFL game I watched in its entirety all season. My wife’s a big Packers fan and they were almost unwatchable this year anyway. Overall, I didn’t miss the NFL at all. Much prefer college football. Go Badgers!

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    1. Yeah, my wife Danah is a HUGE Packers fan, so I end up watching all of their games. Clearly, this year was a little different than previous years in terms of enjoyment. lol


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