Stolen Daughter is now available for purchase

It’s official! The book is out!

“Stolen Daughter” is now available on Amazon. As a reminder, here’s the book description.

Ummm… The book is amazing. Buy it. lol

“Stolen Daughter” is a fast-paced private investigator book, about a man named Dolan, who used to serve as a distinguished detective in the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

Unfortunately for Dolan, he came home early one day and caught a man in bed with his wife. Dolan, being a former Army Ranger and long-time boxer, didn’t react well to that situation. He beat the man about half to death and in the process, lost his job, his pension, and even custody of his daughter.

Now, he’s moved from Nashville to Knoxville, and he’s trying to get a new private investigator firm off the ground. This is proving far more difficult than he expected because he lacks any contacts in Knoxville and faces several well-established local firms. Worse, he spent his life savings trying (unsuccessfully) to win back custody of his daughter.

This is all bad enough, but things turn worse for him when the case of a missing girl​, who’s likely been abducted,​ falls in his lap. ​

The local cops in the girl’s hometown have already given up on the case and Dolan’s her only chance. But for Dolan, money’s tight. And the aunt of the missing girl is dangerously beautiful.

Dolan begins investigating the case and races to North Carolina to try to save the girl, but soon realizes he’s in over his head. Evidence indicates that he’s up against an organized criminal element that stretches all the way to Las Vegas. And worst of all, they’ve put a hit out on him and even have a dirty cop on their payroll.

Dolan is about to be in the fight of his life.

Two quick administrative points.

First, the book is currently only available as an ebook. That means you can read it on Kindle devices or eReaders, of course, but you can also read it on your phone, tablet, or desktop computer. Just click the image below the price of the book on the right side of the page that says, “READ ON ANY DEVICE.” That will explain how to make it happen. (It’s easy and simple to do, as Amazon makes everything.)

Secondly, there are still a few, small grammatical errors in the book. We’ve had a couple of people with their hands on the book, so those happen. They’re not significant and don’t affect the story in any way, but if grammatical errors bother you, then give me a couple more days to iron all those out.

I’m just, as usual, too excited to get this announced. And I’ve got — thankfully!! — some friends and readers bugging me, asking me when it’ll “finally” be out. So, it’s out. 🙂

Hope you enjoy it! And if you do, don’t forget to share the news about it or drop a short review or tell a friend or have the book title tattooed on your arm. I’m all about any form of advertising!

Love all of you.

Stan R. Mitchell


Stan R. Mitchell, author and prior Marine, is best known for his Nick Woods Marine Sniper series, which remained in the Top 100 on Amazon for more than three years. The series was also picked up by for a multi-book audio deal. Additional works include a Western thrillerdetective series, and World War II story. Learn more at

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