On Memorial Day, remember this fact

As you celebrate this great day in our land, I hope most of you have the day off. And I hope you also take at least a moment to remember all those who died so that we could live in such peace and prosperity in this incredible country.

But I wanted to make one other point that I think often gets forgotten. Yes, we do a decent job of remembering those who died in battle. But I think we forget those who died in peacetime. In regular ole’ training — almost NONE of which is safe.

I probably came closer to dying during a couple of different training exercises than I actually did in harm’s way. Matter of fact, my battalion went into harm’s way in 1997 and returned without any losses. But we lost a great man in “routine” training in 1999. (Lance Corporal Andre Foster.)

If you read one story on Memorial Day, make it this one: A Marine’s crazy, four-day courtship, and the ring he’ll never get to deliver.

Our freedom isn’t free, even when there are no bullets flying at us from some enemy bent upon our destruction.

And if you want to mention below in the comments a loved one who died defending this country, in either peacetime or war, I’d be honored.

Semper Fidelis,

Stan R. Mitchell