Hell or high water…

Hey guys!

Hope everyone is doing well! As promised last Friday, I’m going to try to get back on the weekly blog schedule. As such, let’s get to it.

On the national security front, there are two things I’ve really been trying to follow the past week. 

First, there are the enormous protests in Hong Kong. I’m still worried beyond belief that China is going to send in ground troops from their army, and it’s going to be an absolute bloodbath. I’m also terrified for the people of Hong Kong.

Can you imagine living there? Knowing your “own” leaders supported an extradition bill to China

If that bill is put into place, then any semblance of freedom is gone. Arguably, in many respects, freedom is already gone because China is already tracking who the leaders are of the movement, filing names and faces into databases. 

It would be nice if America would take its typical leadership position and encourage the Chinese to show restraint. But alas, that’s not happened as strongly as it should have yet. Maybe there’s still time for that.

The second big news crisis I’ve been trying to follow is the lockdown/invasion of Kashmir by India. That has all kinds of nasty possibilities happening, since Pakistan has nukes, the people of Kashmir don’t want to be ruled by India, etc.

These are definitely interesting times, and I haven’t even touched on the news that we’re negotiating the end of the war in Afghanistan with the Taliban.

Anyway, love to hear everyone’s thoughts on either of these matters. Or even the last one, where to my eyes, it seems the Taliban is in the stronger negotiating position, and thus has no real need to negotiate our withdrawal. They know that will happen at some point anyway.

One other thing I thought I’d mention is the movie “Hell or High Water,” which I recently watched on Netflix. Oh. My. Word.

How did I miss this movie when it came out?! 

It is EASILY one of the best movies I’ve seen in probably five years. 

One critic said of it, “There’s not a moment out of place, not a shot that stays too long. If [David McKenzie] makes a better film in his career, he’ll be lucky.”

Another, “Hell or High Water offers a solidly crafted, well-acted Western heist thriller that eschews mindless gunplay in favor of confident pacing and full-bodied characters.”

I couldn’t agree more with these sentiments. As soon as I finished the film, I IMMEDIATELY wanted to watch it again. I didn’t have time to, but I certainly plan to.

If you’ve got Netflix and haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.

Finally, speaking of time, my latest work — a story of two Marine NCOs in Afghanistan — continues to go well. Should be finishing it soon. Like maybe in a week or so.

Keep your fingers crossed about that. I’ve got to get this book done, come… (wait for it…) hell or high water. hahahahah

Oh, and let me know your thoughts on either the news above — I love a good conversation — or on Hell or High Water.

Semper Fidelis,

Stan R. Mitchell


New front page graphic 2Stan R. Mitchell is a writer and author, as well as a prior Marine infantryman. Mitchell served in Alpha Co., 1st Battalion, 8th Marines, and was lucky enough — or unlucky enough — to snag a Combat Action Ribbon. (The details of his military career.) Looking for something free to read? Here’s a piece of fiction that he wrote for you to sample. Hopefully, it’s both powerful and inspiring: The dreamer’s lament. And click the link at left to check out his books.

9 thoughts on “Hell or high water…

  1. I honestly think Trump is too involved in trying to change our own government that he doesn’t want to deal with other countries. While i thought at first that he would would make a great president he has whole heartedly shown that he doesn’t have the diplomatic attitude to be a leader. China knows that they have the upper-hand just like the Taliban. We have went so long on depending on other countries and selling our businesses to them as well that are whole economy would tank if we went against them. On the nuclear front I honestly don’t think any country’s leaders would use nukes because they know what the repercussions would be. That being said a rogue player could bypass the leaders and use them which could bring us to a real boiling point. Thanks for giving us a place we can voice our opinions and hopefully not suffer too badly for speaking our minds.

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    1. Bob,

      Thanks for the awesome comments!! I’ve just been missing a place where adults, who don’t necessarily always agree, can talk and communicate the way it used to be. I do feel China is in the much stronger position. As one article stated, even if our two countries were equal in strength in all measures, China can win because Trump has to get re-elected. President Xi Jinping can wait this out twenty years, if necessary.

      His people can’t even learn the truth. China controls ALL information, and good luck speaking out against the Jinping or the government. You might just disappear.

      Again, really appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment.



  2. I just finished watching HoHW and really enjoyed it. Thanks for the tip. I would like to see HoHW 2 to see the finale.

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