Boko Haram still at it in Nigeria, three years after the fact

Almost exactly three years ago, in October 2016 to be precise, I published my fourth Nick Woods book. It was called Nigerian Terror,  and my worst fear about the book was that the bad guys in the story (a group of terrorists linked to ISIS called Boko Haram) would be defeated by the time the book was complete.

At the time, Boko Haram was a pretty serious force. They controlled more than 20,000 square miles of land and were doing some pretty messed up stuff; like all terrorist groups do, I suppose.

But my fear was by the time I finished the story, a pretty strong alliance of several countries (coordinated by the United States) would have the group knee-capped and on the verge of defeat. And then readers might read the book description about Boko Haram, shrug, and pass on the book.

Needless to say, I was wrong about Boko Haram, which should probably also serve as a cautionary tale for the predictions laid down by authors.

As a pure coincidence, I just happened on an article the other day that Boko Haram is as strong — or stronger — than ever. The group controls four of ten zones in the northern part of the country, and the Nigerian Army is on the defensive, according to the article. The Nigerian Army is ill-equipped, under-payed, and impotent.

Take a look at the article if you want, but it’s pretty depressing to read about, truthfully. Sadly, most of the problems laid out in the article are discussed in my book. I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Anyway, that’s it from here. Hope everyone is well. If you haven’t read Nigerian Terror, definitely take a look at it. It’s a great read, in my humble opinion. (It’s also the highest ranked Nick Woods book in the series, according at Amazon, at 4.4 stars.)

Everyone have a great weekend, and I’ll catch up with you again soon!

Semper Fidelis,

Stan R. Mitchell


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Stan R. Mitchell is the author of nine, fast-paced novels. He’s sold more than 70,000 books and writes military action and mystery genre, mostly. He’s also a prior infantry Marine, who LOVES writing!! Click the link at left to check out his books.

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  1. The Nick Woods books were the best reads ever!!! Still looking for #5 😀

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