Marine Corps to use Artificial Intelligence to find new spec ops troops

I happened across an article on the use of Artificial Intelligence (link to Wikipedia about Artificial Intelligence) this week that first struck me as ludicrous. It seems the military could start using Artificial Intelligence to help decide who makes it into Marine special operations. (Article link.)

Being a bit skeptical, I read on. Mainly, I thought I’d mock what a dumb idea such a thing was. And ridicule the idiotic bean counters and bureaucrats who seemed naturally wired to mess up the tried-and-true, old way of doing things.

But the article describes why the military has been forced to consider the change. Essentially, it costs a ton of money to train a special ops soldier. (These days, they’re called MARSOC Raiders, but in my day they were called Force Recon Marines. But that’s a side tangent that’ll just make me feel old.)

Back to the point, besides a boatload of money, it also takes a SOLID two years, minimum, to train a MARSOC Raider (and that doesn’t count the boot camp, infantry training, and other stuff you must do even BEFORE you begin your MARSOC-specialized training).

Thus, you don’t want the hypothetical Sergeant Smith to get near the end of his MARSOC training and suddenly fail out of something. Or worse, decide that, “Well, ya know, maybe I’m not really enjoying this whole special ops, life-moving-at-a-100-mph thing after all.”

Not only would the Marine Corps lose that slot, but they lost the two years it’s going to take to get another shooter into that position.

According to the article, the AI will be used to study current Marines who have proven themselves to be successful in special operations, and who have lasted a long time in the highly demanding (and dangerous) jobs.

They’re trying to find certain characteristics. Maybe these types typically come from the South? Or from urban areas that lack many opportunities? Or from traditional families, with a strong support system? Or maybe from broken families, where as a youth the Marine had to be independent and look out for themselves?

Anyway, check out the article if it strikes your interest. Here’s the link again.

I’d love to hear your all’s thoughts on this. Does your company or industry use AI in anyway? And as a sidenote, maybe I need to use AI to decide what book I should write next!! (As a teaser, I think next week I’ll tell you what project I’m currently working on...)

That’s it from here, guys. Thanks for all your support! And hope you all have a great weekend!

Semper Fidelis,

Stan R. Mitchell


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Stan R. Mitchell is the author of nine, fast-paced novels. He’s sold more than 70,000 books and writes military action and mystery genre, mostly. He’s also a prior infantry Marine, who LOVES writing!! Click the link at left to check out his books.

6 thoughts on “Marine Corps to use Artificial Intelligence to find new spec ops troops

  1. We don’t often see the words Marine Corps and intelligence in the same headline, do we. Glad to see them using whatever means available to put the best on the tip of the spear, I know a young man who’s a Major with MARSOC, he’s sharp and highly motivated. And if you want to talk about feeling old, when I was around they were just simply Recon, lived out on Onslow Beach. Semper Fi Brother.

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    1. Hahahaahahha. Good point about the Recon thing. But I think they’re still out at Onslow Beach. I used to love to go down there to train or just drive down to see all the baddest of the bad out on beach runs or out getting some on the beach! Semper Fi!

      (Oh, and did you like Hill 406? I don’t think I ever heard from you? Thanks!)


        1. Hahhahahahahah. That’s so funny. I had been worried you had read it and NOT enjoyed it, and I knew you’d have the integrity NOT to lie! And in my mind, I was thinking, “Crap. If Mike didn’t like it, then I really missed the mark…”

          Anyway, stupid me for doubting myself that much. And get that review up, boot! You’re retired (which means I’m not giving you an excuse!!) and I’ve got a mortgage to pay!!! lol

          Semper Fi, brother!!


  2. Very well written and accurate. They are very much looking for the types you described. Those “types” of mindsets are where warriors are made before the Marine Corps even gets them.

    If they can mold their thoughts, they’ll guide them forever. It’s set in Neuropsychology. Think Pavlov’s dog, but instead of teased, they are rewarded with status and nobility of a knight.

    The same schematic as nobility, sadly though, nobility rarely sees the front lines anymore. They figured out long ago it is hard to keep the kingdom in the family when the knights die in battle.

    It is the new age Art of War. Convince and coerce, Psy ops wins every time; for someone, and that someone is never on the field anymore.

    The rise and fall of families in America is paying, convincing, or forcing others to do your dirty work while playing the saint… Sounds familiar.

    “I clothe my naked villiany in old odd ends, stolen forth from holy writ; and seem a saint, when most I played the devil.” – Shakespeare.

    Man hasn’t changed since man evolved into man.

    Semper Fi fellow crayon eaters… (I always tell em, someone has to survive on what will be left of the free world; after the other branches lose it, just to watch us show em how it’s done… Again.) SF

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