Detective Danny Acuff, and the art of Karate and the Makiwara Board

As many of you know, in my detective books (Take Down and Gravel Road), Danny Acuff does quite a bit of hand-to-hand fighting. As an author, there’s almost nothing I’d rather include in my books than an incredible hand-to-hand fight scene.

And this probably results from my long history (addiction?) of training and studying martial arts of various styles.

In the Detective Danny Acuff books mentioned above, I refer to the Makiwara Board and how he trains with it. I know many westerners are not familiar with it, so I wanted to share a video about it so you can see for yourself the kind of results you can achieve through diligent practice with it.

I’ll paste that video below, but for those who don’t know, both Take Down and Gravel Road have some pretty amazing fight scenes in them. (And I’m not even talking about the gun play.)

In Take Down, Danny has to fight four men outside in a parking lot. And then later, he ends up in a brutal fight with one of the main bad guys: a retired Special Forces badass.

And then in Gravel Road , I may have taken it a step farther. I won’t give away how it happens, but Danny may end up in a 12-on-1 fight, that spans multiple chapters. He’s fighting brutal, tough felons, and in my opinion, this drawn-out fight (war?) is worth the price of the book alone.

Okay, if you haven’t checked out the two Detective Danny Acuff books (Take Down and Gravel Road), give them a try. I think you’ll enjoy them.

And here’s the video I promised:


And here’s another one if you thought that one was amazing. This is technically the first one that was filmed prior to the video above.

Semper Fidelis,

Stan R. Mitchell


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