Some winter description to celebrate the changing seasons

Hey guys!

Hope everyone is well. I wanted to give everyone a bit of a quick update about the website.

I’ve decided that from this point forward, I’m going to use the website to share great writing. (Mostly, what I’m reading. But also some of the writing that is shared with me from you guys and other readers out there.)

So, if you’ve read a great paragraph or two lately, let me know in a reply (or by emailing or tweeting me) and I may feature it. And if I do, I’ll give you a shoutout!

Here’s my first writing share.

Please note: I get commissions for purchases made through links on this website.

I’m currently reading “The Great Alone” by Kristin Hannah, and this is some lovely description about winter in Alaska:

“WINTER TIGHTENED ITS GRIP on Alaska. The vastness of the landscape dwindled down to the confines of their cabin. …

“Snow fell endlessly, blanketed everything. It piled up in drifts and spun its lace across windowpanes, leaving them nothing to see except themselves.”

“Trees cowered in the face of it, animals built dens and burrowed holes and went into hiding. Not so different from the humans, who hunkered down in this cold, took special care.”

(The winter was a) “driving, demoralizing cold.”

“Every evening was spent together, hours and hours of night, huddled around the woodstove. They were all on edge. Arguments erupted between her parents over money, over chores, over the weather. Over nothing.”

Anyway, hope you enjoyed it. I’ll probably be posting some more from the book before long. And as I said above, if you’ve seen some great writing lately, let me know and I might feature it!

Until next time,

Stan R. Mitchell


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Please note: I get commissions for purchases made through links in posts on this website. As such, as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. What that means in English is if you use a link from my site and go to Amazon to buy a qualifying product, then I might earn a small commission. (Given that I’m not much of a spender, that basically means you’re putting money in my savings account. So, thank you for that.)

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