Some incredible fiction writing: Winter breaks in Alaska

A week ago, I wrote about some lovely description about winter in Alaska. (If you missed that, go take a look. Some exquisite, beautiful writing.

Today, I’ll share Kristin Hannah’s description of winter ending, also from “The Great Alone.”  (Commissions earned from links.)

“BREAKUP IN ALASKA. The season of melting, movement, noise, when the sunlight tenatively came back, shone down on dirty, patchy snow. The world shifted, shrugging off the cold, making sounds like great gears turning.

“Blocks of ice as big as houses broke free, floated downstream, hitting anything in their way. Trees groaned and fell over as the wet, unstable ground moved beneath them. Snow turned to slush and then to water that collected in every hollow and indentation in the land.

“Things lost in the snow were found again: a hat taken by the wind, a coil of rope; beer cans that had been tossed into snowbanks floated to the muddy surface of the road. Black spruce needles lay in murky puddles, branches broken by storms floated in the water that ran downhill from every corner of their land.

“The goats stood knee-deep in a sucking muck. No amount of hay could soak it up. Water filled tree wells and ran along roadsides and pooled everywhere, reminding everyone that this part of Alaska was technically a rain forest. You could stand anywhere and hear ice cracking up and water sluicing from tree limbs and eaves, along the sides of the road, running in rivulets along every indentation in the oversaturated ground.

“The animals came out of hiding. Moose ambled through town. No one ever took a turn too quickly. Sea ducks returned in squawking flocks and settled on waves in the bay. Bears came out of their dens and lumbered down hillsides looking for food. Nature was spring-cleaning, scrubbing away the ice and cold and frost, clearing the windows to let in the light.”

Was that some amazing writing, or what?! Hope you enjoyed it!

Read any amazing writing lately? If you’ve read a great paragraph or two, let me know by emailing me and I may feature it. And if I do, I’ll give you a shoutout!

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