Tim Dittmer and ‘The Valley Walker’

I thought I’d share some writing from author Tim Dittmer today. Not only is he a Vietnam vet and great writer, but I’m also honored to call him a friend. This passage is from “The Valley Walker,” which I can attest to being a great book. (Commissions earned from links.)

“He reached out, found the space that lay between places, slipped through it, and he was there. Mason, Michigan.

“The contrast between the mountains of Laos and this town in the American Midwest was striking. He stood quietly for a while, feeling the rhythm of the place, soaking up the atmosphere and letting his memories flow until he was saturated with them.

“Many of the places looked the same as the last time he’d stood on this street. The grain elevator was still there. Beyond that, the County Courthouse remained tall and stately. North of the Courthouse, the tops of the trees in Maple Grove Cemetery were visible. Home.

“But everything was moving faster than he remembered. An endless stream of cars whizzed by. Horns honked and tires squealed in protest. Everyone seemed to be in a hurry, racing ahead with cell phones to their ears. The pace of life had definitely changed here, but the men who’d used him hadn’t.

“They still exploited war and the suffering of fellow human beings for profit and power. The thought of people who could be so cold and heartless brought a weariness he didn’t think he could carry. It bore down on him until his spirit sagged under the pressure, weighed on him until it threatened to drive him to his knees.

“He caught himself before he faltered, reached up and pressed the shape of an object hidden beneath his shirt. The object was a red hemp bag that hung from a leather thong looped around his neck, the bag his mother had dyed with cinnabar and given to him in Laos. It was filled now with the essence of his heart, his need to do the right thing, the shining gem of his honor.

“Just pressing the bag tighter against his skin gave him strength and renewed his purpose. Gazing at the tops of the trees above Maple Grove Cemetery, he murmured the words he’d adopted as his mantra decades ago.

“Two salt tablets, a canteen of water and push on.”

“He shifted the weight of his weariness higher on his shoulders, leaned into it, and pushed on.”

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