Revisting ‘Resurrection Bullets’

I thought today I’d share an entry from my friend and fellow author Mark Allen.

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While Mark’s more popular books, such as “Kane: Tooth & Nail” and “Kill Count: A Team Reaper Thriller,” have been smoking hot on the sales charts, I knew Mark before he was such a big shot and had signed a publishing deal. (Commissions earned from links.)

This was quite a while back — about eight years ago, if memory serves me correctly. And back then, we were both simply silly dreamers, stumbling about and trying to put out our first books. Mark helped edit some of my early books, and I did the same for him. And we also threw heaps of encouragement on each other as we took our first, mighty leaps of faith.

One of Mark’s first books was “Resurrection Bullets.” This book had a certain “dark poetry” to it, as Mark describes it. It was a short, revenge novella, and it was written in a beautiful way; especially to be so dark. (Commissions earned from links.)

I’ll share a short selection of “Resurrection Bullets” below:

“The pistol’s whispered report was like the raging roar of an angry lion to his ear, a roar that thundered into him, all the pain and sorrow of the world compacted into a single force that filled his vision in the torpedo shape of a bullet that struck him right between the eyes, prophecy fulfilled. The last thing he heard was a massive metallic shattering in the very well of his being, and the last thing he heard was an ancient voice whispering dark vows.

“And then the world turned blood red, and from the red came the blackness, and he at last gave himself to it in full surrender.”

Pretty powerful stuff, huh?

Hope you enjoyed that as much as I did the first time I read it.

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Until next time,

Stan R. Mitchell


About me: My name is Stan R. Mitchell, and I write exciting, fast-paced thrillers. Both military action and mystery whodunnits. Ten books penned. 70,000+ sold. Some of my favorite authors and influences are Tom Clancy, Vince Flynn, Robert B. Parker, and Stephen Hunter.

If you enjoy them, then more than likely you’ll enjoy my writing.

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