A character’s past shaped by war

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The Deserter” by Nelson DeMille and Alex DeMille had some great writing that grabbed my attention. (Commissions earned from links.)

The thriller, written about an unorthodox Army investigator named Scott Brodie, had the following lines in it:

“Brodie understood something about the stress of war. Before joining the Criminal Investigation Command, he’d served as a rifleman in the 2nd Infantry Division in Iraq and taken part in the successful drive to retake Fallujah from the insurgents in Operation Phantom Fury.

“He fought along dusty alleyways and sunbaked roofs and houses blown open by mortar shells.

“He saw people ripped apart by bullets and bombs and artillery. Most were the enemy. Some were civilians. A couple were his friends. He’d seen action before that, and he would again, but that battle had changed him.”

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