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Sold Out (Nick Woods, No. 1)” 

Author Stan R. Mitchell writes an epic, fast-paced story in his blockbuster hit “Sold Out,” which plunges readers into a deep, dark conspiracy and should delight fans of Vince Flynn, James Patterson, and Tom Clancy.

Book Description: Nick Woods, aka Bobby Ferguson, used to be one of our country’s greatest snipers. A Marine who completed a bloody, top-secret mission behind enemy lines years ago, he now just wants to live in peace with his wife.

But Nick is about to get caught in a grand conspiracy between an accomplished investigative reporter and a shadowy, CIA group.

After said reporter, Allen Green, publishes the details of Nick’s prior missions — blowing the top off America’s national security in the process — both Nick and Allen find themselves in the sights of a CIA hunter-killer group.

This CIA group breaks the law and kills at will, and they’ll stop at nothing to take down Nick Woods and the reporter who published the earth-shattering story he’d been chasing for years.

“Sold Out” is the first book in the spectacular, four-book Nick Woods series.

The Nick Woods series has climbed to the top of the charts on Amazon — and remained there — for more than three years. It’s also been picked up by for a multi-book, audio deal.

The book’s author, Stan R. Mitchell, has a four-year background as an infantry Marine (including a combat deployment) and more than ten years working as a reporter in the news business. Mitchell understands small-unit tactics and the ins and outs of the news industry. This unique background has allowed him to write a compelling political thriller that spans from the halls of Washington to the Marine base at Camp Lejeune and all the way to the backwoods of East Tennessee. [Length: 283 pages]

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Mexican Heat (Nick Woods, No. 2)

Cover_Mexican Heat - Small

Nick Woods is tired of waiting. America’s greatest sniper has spent the better part of two years up in the mountains of Montana, waiting for the government to double-cross him and try to come get him.

He has good reason to be wary. The government has betrayed him twice already, but Nick’s a hard man to kill. And just waiting in isolation, with his wife Anne gone, and his paranoia at dangerous levels, is killing him, day-by-day.

And so Nick ventures out. Carefully, like Nick does everything.

But what Nick doesn’t know is that the Mexican government stands on the verge of complete collapse.

A brilliant madman has united the drug cartels into a deadly alliance, and the Mexican President holds a perilous grip on power.

Now, Mexico’s leading businessman — a multi-billionaire who owns much of the country — is about to exit the country, selling off his businesses and taking his capital out of the country.

Such a move would lead to an exodus of other businesses and just like that, America would face one of its largest catastrophes in recent times: a third world country on its borders, run by a drug cartel whose reach spans from South America into deep within the United States.

America has already sent special forces to deal with this cartel, but that proved a catastrophe.

The country needs Nick Woods again, and it needs him now.

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Afghan Storm (Nick Woods, No. 3)


The mission? Practically off-the-charts impossible.

Four men must infiltrate (on foot) 30+ miles into Pakistan and abduct a key VIP of the Taliban.

These men will be offered no support. No air support. No radios. No chance of rescue.

And if they’re caught or killed, America will deny their existence.

This is how the mission in Afghanistan begins for Nick Woods and your favorite members of S3 (Marcus, Truck, and Red).

And unfortunately for them, it only gets worse from there…

Nick Woods and his private, military security company (Shield, Safeguard, and Shelter) are deployed to Afghanistan by directive of the U.S. government. Their mission is nothing less than to save the government (and country) of Afghanistan.

A clock is ticking and the Taliban is poised to seize the capital city of Kabul, taking over the country for good. The Taliban are stronger than ever, and well-led by an impressive spiritual warrior, who is respected across the country by most of the people of Afghanistan.

Making matter worse, America’s political leadership is sick of investing men and resources into a war that’s now lasted 15 years.

Nick and his team are sent to somehow find a way of dealing with the looming threat, and though the mission is impossible enough as it’s already drawn up, they’ll soon find out that their enemies aren’t only in Afghanistan.

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Nigerian Terror (Nick Woods, No. 4)

nigerianterror_coverNick Woods and his elite band of shooters from Shield, Safeguard, and Shelter (S3) deploy to Africa on their next mission to deal with an out-of-control terrorist group that now holds more than 20,000 square miles of land.

This terrorist group, called the Boko Haram, has finally gotten the attention of America’s leaders. Its tactics of abducting children and ruthlessly expanding its territory pose a threat to Nigeria and the countries surrounding it.

But when S3 stumbles upon a dangerous plot by Boko Haram’s leader, their daunting task transforms into a terrifying matter of national security. S3 must change its focus immediately to tracking down four lethal weapons in an all-out race against time.

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Take Down, Detective Danny Acuff, 1-6

Take Down New flattened

Fans of James Patterson, John Grisham, and David Baldacci should love this story.

Book Description: In small-town America, up in the hills of East Tennessee, there’s a mining company more than a century old, that’s shipping millions of dollars of drugs across the country.

The company places the drugs in a special steel container at the bottom of a flatbed, then hide them under tons of coal. The man who runs the mining company is ruthless, and he has a couple of retired Special Forces men who do his dirty work. These two men are further backed up by plenty of cruel, good ole’ boys from the hills. Men who know how to shoot, apply pain, and hide in the woods.

This secret drug operation has operated safely for more than fifteen years. Only one detective has ever gotten close to busting it all open, but he was taken out in a not-too-subtle way that sent a clear message: don’t mess with Snyder Mining.

Danny Acuff, a former Marine and hot-shot Memphis detective, knows none of this. He doesn’t know about the hidden dealings of Snyder Mining. He doesn’t about the murdered detective, who nearly solved the case.

All Danny knows is he must move east to salvage his marriage.

And while he’s waiting to return to law school, he figures he’ll pick up some side work as a detective in a small town.

But Danny’s about to enter a very dangerous world. He’ll soon be fighting for his life, watching as cops die around him and scrambling to figure out just who in this small town he can truly trust.

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Little Man, and the Dixon County War” 

Are you a fan of Louis L’Amour?

If so, then you’ve found the book for you. “Little Man, and the Dixon County War” begins with action and ends with action, barely letting up from its fast start to its incredible, heart-stopping end. From literally the first sentence, you’ll see why it’s climbed as high as No. 16 on the Amazon UK Paid List.

Book Description: Paul Zachary should have never accepted the badge. He’s young. He’s undersized. And he’ doesn’t quite understand that there are times when a man ought to back down.

But Zachary’s a sucker for duty — always has been — and he puts on a badge in the dangerous town of Belleville, Texas.

He’ll soon make a name for himself. And he’ll soon find himself riding into a dangerous place called Devil’s County. It’s a godforsaken stretch of country run by a cruel cattle baron named McConnell, who’s growing his empire by leaps and bounds.

McConnell has nearly a gunhands on his payroll and he’ll be patiently waiting on Zachary. [Length: 224 pages]

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Soldier On

Soldier On

As World War II enters its final, painful stretch, Sergeant Peter Dietrick and the men of his 3rd Platoon know the war is lost.

These final days are tough for the men, and tougher for the leaders.

The Germans are out-gunned. Outnumbered. And without air support.

The weak and unlucky are gone. Now, only the strong remain, a ragged band of men determined to maintain their prestige and respect. They are the sons of hardened veterans from World War I, and they are men filled with too much pride to quit or surrender.

But food is running short. Ammo, too. And each day, with its increasingly absurd set of orders, begins to test the men in ways they could have never imagined.

None of them know how many days (or weeks) remain before the country finally — FINALLY — capitulates.

Hemmed in by Nazi SS units on one side, who are waiting to arrest or shoot retreating troops, and hordes of well-supplied American troops advancing mercilessly on the other, the men pray they must only endure the freezing weather of the last days. And that their supplies won’t run out. And that they won’t in the final hours of the war lose their lives or the honor and dignity they’ve spent years creating.

“Soldier On” is a short novel, approximately 89 pages long. The book explores the physical hell endured by men on the front lines, as well as the frailty of honor and dignity. If you want an insider’s look into what it truly means to be a soldier, this is a pretty good place to start.

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