Detective Danny Acuff, and the art of Karate and the Makiwara Board

As many of you know, in my detective books (Take Down and Gravel Road), Danny Acuff does quite a bit of hand-to-hand fighting. As an author, there’s almost nothing I’d rather include in my books than an incredible hand-to-hand fight scene. And this probably results from my long history (addiction?) of training and studying martialContinue reading “Detective Danny Acuff, and the art of Karate and the Makiwara Board”

An administrative note on my blogs

Okay, guys. As some of you may have noticed, I’ve been struggling of late with my focus for this author blog of mine. My numerous competing passions have been pulling at me, and it’s probably shown. Sometimes, my posts have been inspirational. Sometimes, they’ve been military/foriegn policy in nature. Sometimes, they’ve had something to do withContinue reading “An administrative note on my blogs”

Improving the U.S. military. Some thoughts from two vets…

Being a prior enlisted member of the military, it’s quite common to spout off your views on all things military. From playing Monday morning quarterback regarding current combat operations, to discussing how the Army or Marine Corps could do things better, nearly every enlisted member that I’ve ever met complains and gripes, while also suggesting how thingsContinue reading “Improving the U.S. military. Some thoughts from two vets…”