Beware the gummy bears, according to these reviewers

My wife posted this on facebook and I had to share it. It’s too funny not to…

(Warning: This does discuss violent bodily functions.)

From Danah Mitchell: Just the first review alone took me about a half an hour to read to Stan because we were both laughing so hard. By about the 3rd sentence of said review, Stan had succumbed to a series of painful hiccups, and by the end of it I felt like I had just finished a vicious set of ab blasts….which is weird, because I wasn’t aware that I even had abs.

This one is definitely a sharer, people. But it might be a good idea to have some spare oxygen handy, because the first review is just one of many. Enjoy!

LINK: Beware Of The 5 lb. Bag Of Sugarless Gummy Bears On – The Reviews Are Priceless!

Keep the faith,

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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