Even if the peace deal falls through, the war in Afghanistan is over

As some of you may have heard, the U.S. is getting closer to a peace deal in Afghanistan. The news has been mostly buried by the presidential race and the fears of the Coronavirus, but President Trump first announced a potential treaty with the Taliban roughly a week ago. It was pretty big news becauseContinue reading “Even if the peace deal falls through, the war in Afghanistan is over”

This one hits too close to home…

Hey guys, I wanted to share a message from a veteran that I came across the other day on Twitter. To me, no one has better described what most of us deal with after we depart service. I know I didn’t see a ton of action, but I saw enough, and I didn’t kill anyone,Continue reading “This one hits too close to home…”

Hill 406 gets a new foreword

Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing well! I’m writing because I wanted to share the new foreword that I recently wrote for Hill 406. The book has been doing well — thankfully! — but I’d been wrestling with a foreword for the book for some time. (It originally published without one, because I didn’t’ wantContinue reading “Hill 406 gets a new foreword”