Tim Tebow and the “it” factor

Most of my regular readers know that I’m a Tim Tebow fanatic. (A former hater who turned into a huge fan.) I’ve avoided writing about a hundred posts the past four or five days since the Jets released him, primarily because most of my blog readers could give two shits about him. So, here’s myContinue reading “Tim Tebow and the “it” factor”

Almost no good news for Tim Tebow fanatics

Things are darker than hell in Tim Tebow land right now, and I haven’t seen a positive article about him in weeks. (Yes, I have a google search set on him, and no, that doesn’t make me gay. Or, does it?) But finally yesterday my daily alert came up with something other than his ChristianContinue reading “Almost no good news for Tim Tebow fanatics”

Things are dark in Tim Tebow land

For those who don’t know, things are dark in Tim Tebow land. The team that he had the best chance of landing on says they don’t want him so things are probably as dark as they’ve ever been. Here’s the best summary article I’ve found: Tebow: ‘I don’t know what my future holds.‘ And whileContinue reading “Things are dark in Tim Tebow land”