More ‘terrible’ than Tebow? The Jets

I didn’t think this was possible, but the Jets situation has gotten worse. A bunch of players have come out and said Tim Tebow wasn’t an option as starter, and that he was “terrible” at QB in practice. Here’s a column about it, which defends Tebow. Honestly, it’s almost painful to watch what Tebow isContinue reading “More ‘terrible’ than Tebow? The Jets”

My latest thoughts on starting Tim Tebow…

“Rex sticking with Sanchez after Dolphins pummel Jets.” The headline from USA Today says it all. The Jets got pummeled. Rex Ryan, after drafting a big name QB to undermine his starter Sanchez, is now all in behind Sanchez. How stupid is that? You trade for a QB (Tebow) who helps shake the confidence ofContinue reading “My latest thoughts on starting Tim Tebow…”

Even the haters give Tebow props

Pretty amazing story here… The NFL analysts at Sports Illustrated are calling whether Tim Tebow will start any this year and get this: Seven of nine of them say “yes.” Several take shots at him with their “yes’s,” ┬ábut still. This gives me even more hope that he’ll start and get a chance to onceContinue reading “Even the haters give Tebow props”