Chalk another novel up, but this one about killed me

I finished my second novel tonight, though the term second is misleading. In many ways, this is my first novel — or my first legitimate one not counting those I began as a kid. I started this novel back in either 2000 or 2001, just shortly after a novel I co-authored with a friend ofContinue reading “Chalk another novel up, but this one about killed me”

Writers fear failure

Some insight into writers from one of the masters himself. Joe Konrath wrote this in 2005, before he was really big, and the article reads with a level of honesty that seems pretty rare in our world of fake confidence and certainty. Stan R. Mitchell Oak Ridge, Tenn. P.S. Thanks to all who continue toContinue reading “Writers fear failure”

More proof traditional publishing is dead…

Detroit author Mark Terry lays out the brutal realities here. BTW, Mark seems like one cool cat. Even answers e-mails from nobodies like me, and has a hell of a list of books I plan to read. Take a look at his post, and read how he compares his more recent check from his traditionalContinue reading “More proof traditional publishing is dead…”